Top 10 Instrumental Songs To Make You Sleep

9:18 am 5 Oct, 2013

There are instrumental songs out there that can make you fall asleep. It’s not a comment on how boring these songs are and in fact a lot of these songs have been very popular and successful. If you listen to them during the day you’ll find them interesting and intriguing but if you listen to them at night when you go to bed at a low volume, they’ll help you fall asleep. People who find it hard to fall asleep and are disturbed by even the slightest of noise often use music to help create an ambient sound that helps them sleep. These instrumental songs are soothing, smooth, have no distracting vocals and don’t create a lot of excitement when played at a low volume.

10. Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part:

Spiegel Im Spiegel is a composition written by Arvo Part in 1978. The Estonian composer wrote this composition in the very soothing tintinnabular style that has a meditative tempo. This piece of classical music is very good to fall asleep to. The only problem is that it’s not very long and ends at just 10 minutes. But you can add it to your nighttime playlist.

9. River Flows in You by Yiruma:

Yiruma is a South Korean pianist and is known for his contemporary classical compositions although sometimes his sound leans more towards pop than classical. River Flows in You is a very soft, sweet and soothing piece which although very short should still be in your playlist of songs to sleep to.

8. Almost Blue by Chet Baker:

Almost Blue is a song by Elvis Costello. It has been covered by many artists. The version performed by Chet Baker is especially soothing and good for falling asleep to. The song has a little vocals at the end with selective lyrics from the original which makes this song the exception in this list.

7. Opus 23 by Dustin J. O’Halloran:

Dustin O’Halloran is a talented American pianist and composer. He taught himself piano at the age of 7 and has been composing a lot of good music for many years. The Opus 23 is a song from the album, Piano Solos Vol.2. It is a very soothing and romantic composition that will sooth away all your worries as you fall asleep.

6. Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven:

The moonlight sonata was written in 1801 by Beethoven and till this day remains as one of the most beautiful piano pieces ever written. As the name suggests it’s about the night and the moon and played at a low volume will act as a lullaby and help you fall asleep.

5. In a Silent Way by Miles Davis:

The Jazz of Miles Davis might not always be good music to fall asleep to but the album, In a Silent Way was so original that even critics found it hard to place it in a particular genre. Sometimes it’s jazz and sometimes classical and mostly it’s an amalgam of both. It has a very soothing sound that makes it a good song to listen to while trying to sleep.

4. Serenade No. 10 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Mozart couldn’t be kept out of this list even though his compositions are known to break tempo and frequent changes in volume and intonation which can be disturbing when you are tying to fall asleep. Serenade no. 10 is probably the closest you can get to good sleeping music by Mozart. It has 7 movements and the 3rd is the most soothing and relaxing.

3. Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie:

Erik Satie was a French pianist and composer and he wrote 3 Gymnopedies in the 1800’s. Gymnopedie no.1 of 1888 is particularly soothing and relaxing. Interestingly this series of compositions are known as the precursor to modern ambient music which is made to be relaxing and is very good to fall asleep to.

2. Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy:

Clair de Lune is a piece in the famous piano suite, Suite Bergamasque, written by Debussy. It translates to moonlight and is an especially soothing piece that can act as a very good lullaby. This is one of the best piano solos to fall asleep to.

1. Suite No.3 in D major, BWV 1068 by Johann Sebastian Bach:

Bach was the most famous German composer of the Baroque period. Air is a very famous piece from his third suite. It is a soothing piece that has become a fine example of French baroque music. It will help you fall asleep in no time when played at nighttime.

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