Top 10 Hiring Tips For Your Startup

3:47 pm 2 Sep, 2013

Hiring for a startup can be a challenging task for the founders of a startup simply because it isn’t easy to find talented individuals who are willing to work in a startup. Before a founder goes out to recruit new stars for his startup, he needs to give a consideration to designing and defining the scope of the job and the vision of the startup. The competition is fierce among startups and therefore, it’s vital to make the right decision when recruiting an employee or team member. Here are ten hiring tips to make sure that you are hiring the right talent.

10. Go out to hire when you think it’s the right time:

More important thing first up is to when is it the right time to hire. Don’t simply start hiring for a startup because it’s a business plan. When you begin a startup, the idea is to put everything that you have learnt from hiring in a multinational behind your back and work and let the growth of your business decide when you need fresh minds in.

Go out to hire when you think it’s the right time

9. What do you need?

Some of you may want a specialized employee while others would want a jack-of-all-trades type of candidate – no matter what type of candidate you want, make sure he/she is someone who can handle pressure of a startup.

What do you need

8. Be committed to spend time in recruitment:

Hiring is a time consuming task, don’t come to the hiring room with the thought that you will finish up with the hiring by lunch. In a startup everyone working is stretched to the limit so you can’t waste your time in hiring. Thus make sure you are ready to compromise some time and make sure that your work is not suffering.

Be committed to spend time in recruitment

7. Choose a team player not a star:

As a startup you don’t necessarily need stars, you need team players who can help your business grow. You can hire people with great potentials, but if they aren’t good team players, they will be miss-fit in your company.

Choose a team player not a star

6. Advertise about the job in detail:

Hiring being a time consuming task and you surely don’t want to make it an even longer one by having to face inexperienced candidates. Therefore, when you chalk out your advertising plan, make sure you include the job description and requirement in detail, so that you don’t have to deal with people not fit for the task.

Advertise about the job in detail

5. Find the candidate:

Instead of the mundane procedure of calling in candidates for random interviews, spend to pick out the right candidates for startup events on the basis of their skill and ability. Being selective in the interview process could save you the trouble of wrong hiring that vitiates the work environment under very trying conditions.

Find the candidate

4. Be on the hunt to find candidates willing to work in a startup:

Candidates that come to you for job will come with different frame of minds and expectations. You need to make sure that the candidates know you are a startup and they should be aware of what to expect. Working in a startup can be challenging and demanding, but it is a good way to learn and be involved in business where you can directly make an impact. If you are hiring someone who has worked in a startup, it’s fine, but with others you will have to be extra cautious.

Be on the hunt to find candidates willing to work in a startup

3. What skill set are you willing to hire:

Are you a startup looking for candidates who are experienced and can make an immediate impact on the business or are you willing to hire candidates that are smart (with less experience) but can be trained to suit your needs? If you already have experts in the business you can be well of hiring a novice and training him/her to your needs.

What skill set are you willing to hire

2. Break the routine and engage your top candidates:

Before making the ultimate decision you need to make sure you engage with your candidates. Given the high tech world of today, candidates are often well versed with the mundane telephonic interviews and have professional resumes made to impress the recruiters. You can only pick the true ones by engaging with them and trying to find their true colors.

Break the routine and engage your top candidates

1. Discuss your startup’s vision and future:

After you have made up your mind on certain candidates, you can discuss you business goals and visions to learn about his future prospects with the company. This helps in getting the candidate to the page where all the other employees are, you will actually get to know how willing he/she is to work with you.

Discuss your startup's vision and future

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