Top 10 Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

8:06 am 23 Mar, 2013

Though graphs and pie-charts are not perceived to be funny, yet even these have the ability to make us giggle. Best for killing unoccupied or sloppy time at work, hilarious pie-charts can rejuvenate your body for more work. You won’t get to see them in board meetings, where everything is as serious as an ongoing war. You may also be short of the time to search for these pie-charts (Google won’t give them all in one place). So, we bring the top 10 hilarious pie-charts that are sure to put a smile on your face and make you realize that pie-charts can be fun, too.


10. Google Earth – all we want to see is our own little world:

Google Earth lets you fly just about anywhere on the Earth in a jiffy and view the satellite imagery of any place you want. Created with the purpose of detailing the entire planet, Google Earth has proved to be very useful to everyone from a school student to an explorer. But there is a funny side, and this pie-chart shows how people use it to view their own houses from the satellite vision. There’s nothing better than my home, ‘Home Sweet Home’ is all I want to see, good bye world.

Google Earth - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

9. Do you not know when someone is telling you – buzz off?

Do you wonder why your IM goes unanswered most often? Well, it may hurt your secular heart, but the person on the other side of the screen accidently perceived your message as racist. You are left with an unanswered message and before you conclude that the person on the other side is busy, just knock your head and confirm if you’re being silently told to buzz off.

lastIM_buzz of - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

8. How many friends do you have on Facebook?

Now you may have 1000 plus friends on your Facebook page, but have you just ranked up all the fellows you’ve hated right up from school days. Think again and review your friends list on Facebook. It’s hilarious to know that all fellows you busted in school and college have found you on Facebook to screw your happiness with the stupid statuses flashing on your wall.

facebook-piechart - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

7. School’s have got their priority wrong, really!

We’ve all stuck up chewing gums on the back of the seat in classrooms only to find the hapless classmate/teacher discovering the gum stuck in their hair or clothes. Countering chewing gum menace has become primary task for schools, where issues like drugs, underage sex and increasing dropout rates have taken a backseat – common fellows stop blowing balloons.

funny-pie-chart-school-text-true - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

6. What do you use Google most for?

Google makes you wise. No, hold on. It makes you dumber. I know, you’ve referred to Google to pick that up, and you still believe you aren’t that dumb to get it. Well, when was the last time you spelled “Pneumonia” right on Google? Yes, Google your news playboy and your latest spell master. Hope you use it for finding information someday but only when you get the spellings right without Google suggest.

uses-of-google - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

5. True story in shower:

What’s the last story you cooked up in the shower today, how long did you contemplate about the greater mysteries of fluid dynamics? Not exactly what you do in the shower. Well then, how long did you wash your hair, or how many times did you fill your mouth with water only to spit it out? Amazing you did it so much that you actually forget you were under that shower to bathe.

True-story in shower - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

4. Men like to keep it simple:

It’s only a shampoo? Ah! Never tell that to your girlfriend when she’s buying a bottle of shampoo. A bottle that reads shampoo may be just another shampoo for you but for her it’s a matter of prestige. So, don’t tell her what shampoo to pick, before she has her doubts cleared on the effectiveness, brand, ingredients and quality of the bottle of shampoo. Oh, and her friend’s reviews on it. And guess what! You are still the most special person to carry her handbag with the bottle of shampoo.

Men like to keep it simple - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

3. Who’s wearing Che Guevera T-shirts?

If Che was alive, for the sake of holy mother of Jesus, he would have been the biggest mass murderer ever born, not for being a communist, but for shooting the kind of pricks wearing T-shirts bearing his face. All self-proclaimed “cool dudes” wear a Che Guevera T-shirt, only because the face of the revolutionary looks attractive. But, if you quiz them about Che, even you would shoot them for their replies.

Che-Guevara-T-Shirts - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

2. Do you wash your hands in the bathroom?

I know you wash your hands every time you walk out of the public bathroom in a mall or office. But how many times do you wash your hands when you pee at home? Oh yes, never! Cool, keep washing your hands in public restrooms else they will brand you a gross in the public domain.

wash your hands in the bathroom - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

1. And Miss Universe is a lady from our good earth:

As a kid I often wondered why these adults are crazy to host a Miss Universe Pageant with no representation from the other planets. And, as an adult, I still wonder when aliens will compete with the rocking beauties of the Earth for the title of Miss Universe. Also, would they call it the Miss Milky Way then?

Miss Universe winners by planet - Hilarious Pie-Charts You Won’t See in Board Meetings

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