Top 10 Health Benefits of Smoking Weed

1:00 pm 14 Feb, 2013

Smoking, eating and growing marijuana herb is illegal in many parts of the world. Yet, there are numerous cases where people have advocated, and believe, that the drug should be made legal, at least for medicinal purposes. While almost all of us think that smoking weed has negative effects on body and health, there are researchers that believe that recreational use of marijuana can have a lot of health benefits. Here, listed below are the top 10 (out of many) health benefits of smoking weed.

10.  Improves creativity:

Along with medicinal benefits, smoking weed also helps one become more creative. Many writers, artists, poets and musicians have either used or use marijuana to expand their thinking horizons and to be more creative in what they do. Marijuana has been proven to help students improve on their studies by increasing their memory and retention power.


9. Cures eating disorders:

It has been proven that marijuana creates a desire for eating. The desire, referred to as Munchies, is an effect of smoking weed which instigates a person to eat. Marijuana works wonders with people trying to gain weight (if they are too thin) or recovering from certain ailments (which can be treated with marijuana). Smoking weed cures the symptoms of eating disorder or non-willingness to eat.

Cures eating disorders

8. Weed helps treat migraine:

Almost 25 percent of women and around 8 percent of men worldwide get migraines sometime in their life. Since marijuana has been legalized for medicinal purpose in the state of California, doctors have reported to have treated over 300,000 cases of migraines with medical marijuana. It must be noted the conventional medicines have not been able to treat migraines.

Weed helps treat migraine

7. Prevents cancer from spreading:

We may have heard endless stories telling us that smoking weed can cause lung cancer. But according to American Association of Cancer Research ‘cannabidiol’ – a chemical found in marijuana – can help slow down the growth of tumor in the lungs, breast and brain significantly, which can actually curb cancer from spreading in the body.

Prevents cancer from spreading

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s:

Smoking weed can have negative effects on the brain and it affects memory; these are some of the common things we’ve heard about marijuana. But if you believe a study by The Scripps Research Institute then you should know that THC found in marijuana can prevent Alzheimer’s by clocking the deposits in the brain which cause Alzheimer’s in aged people.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

5. Prevents epileptic seizures:

We’ve heard that smoking weed can be relaxing. Researching further on the same lines, researchers have found that marijuana has “antispasmodic” qualities which make it muscle relaxant and can act as an active treatment for epileptic seizures. Marijuana is responsible for binding the brain cell which control and regulate relaxation and can thus control seizures.

Prevents epileptic seizures

4. Helps treat bowel diseases:

According to researches, especially from the University of Nottingham, marijuana can be of great help for patients with bowel diseases and disorders. It is proven that patients with inflammatory bowel disorders and ailments like Crohn’s disease and colitis ulcer can be treated with the use of marijuana. Marijuana helps keep the intestinal cells bonded together tightly so as not to permit any bacteria finding its way in and cause inflammatory bowel diseases.

Helps treat bowel diseases

3. Helps treat multiple sclerosis:

According to a study published by Canadian Medical Association, marijuana can help in easing the painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis. As has been learnt, marijuana has “antispasmodic” qualities. It has been found that marijuana, to a great extent, stops the neurological effects and symptoms of multiple sclerosis by working on muscle spasms accompanied with fetal disease.

Helps treat multiple sclerosis

2.  Helps fight depression:

Smoking weed is seen as a natural anti-depressant without side effects. Marijuana is reported to assist is helping the patient block the negative emotions that they carry with them into depression. It also helps people with sleep disorders, insomnia and hyper active people to calm down without any side effects and toxic effects that cigarettes and alcohol (which people in depression resort to) can have on your body.

Helps fight depression

1. Helps treat Glaucoma:

Besides the aforementioned benefits, one of the greatest advantages of smoking weed is that it can be used to help prevent Glaucoma – an eye disease which increases pressure in the eyeball damaging the optic nerve and causing loss of vision. It is believed, and researched, that marijuana helps decrease the intraocular pressure in the affected eye of a Glaucoma patient and thus helps treat it.

Helps treat Glaucoma


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