Top 10 Headphone Manufacturers in the World

9:54 am 6 Jul, 2013

Bob Marley rightly said, “One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” But, if would have said the same quote today, the revised version could be stated as “one good thing about music on headphones is, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Headphones are a good invention that enhances the total music experience. They can be used on the run, in your room, and anywhere you’d like to listen to music. They come in so many variants. For the taste of your ears, we’ve listed some of the most trusted headphone manufacturers across the world.

10. The Big “Apple”:

Apple is known the world over for its finest quality in the realm of electronic computer softwares and personal computers. Of late, Apple has been into manufacturing of one of the best in-ear headphones with an absolutely revolutionizing acoustic technology. The woofers (to handle bass and medium range sounds) and tweeters (high-frequency radio) that are generally employed in the headphones from Apple are top notch and ensure detailed sound across the entire sonic spectrum of the listener.


9. Creative “Creative” company:

Creative company is a Singapore based Computer components and headphone manufacturers. It is extolled for its competency of combining the two opposite forces of reasonable prices and quality. This company manufactures some of the most stylish and affordable headphones, which go well with youth (mainly) across the world.


8. Beyer Dynamic (Feel the energy of sound):

Germany was the pioneer of the headphones in the world. Beyer Dynamic is just an example of the Germany’s innovation since it was established in 1924. Initially, it started with microphones and conference systems, but later on, it expanded into the realm of Headphones. At present, headphones from Beyer Dynamic share the top spot with many others in the list of bestsellers.

Beyer Dynamic

7. Grado (The Black Beauty amongst Headphones):

Grado, the largest producer of the high-end dynamic open-air headphones, is a company which is famous for its uni-colour policy. All of its headphones are Black in colour. But, in terms of style and quality, this company lives up to the expectations of the customers. Moreover, its headphones come with a non-resonant air chamber, with a resonance level of 98 db (decibels).


6. AKG (Always Known for Goodwill):

Another German company, which excelled in this area, is AKG, which means Acoustics and Cinema Equipments. Founded in 1947 in Austria, today this company is owned and managed by an American based employer. Today, AKG is the world’s largest supplier of headphones to the recording studios. These headphones are sold like hot cakes for their unique style and out of the box designs.


5. Ultrasone AG (When comfort means the most):

Ultrasone AG is a German company, which specializes in manufacturing of headphones for DJ systems and other personal uses. Founded in 1991, this company is continuously dishing out advanced headphones for its customers with an emphasis on ‘surround sound simulacrum’ technology. The company’s designer wing makes sure that ‘listener’s fatigue’ can be reduced to the lowest level with its every new design.

Ultrasone AG

4. Denon Electronics (A portmanteau word crossing several ports):

In 1964, The Japanse electronics major started with the sales of Audio Cassette Tapes and then entered into the segment of headphones in late 20th Century. Denon electronics focuses on ineffable quality and snazzy designs. Also, it makes sure that the headphone is competent enough in suppressing the vibrations and delivers clear sound.

Denon Electronics

3. Sony (The Sacrosanct of electronics):

Sony, the name is enough to describe the quality of the products it manufactures. Sony is not just a brand, it itself is an invention. Quality! That’s for sure; talk about some other things. If you remember even faintly, Sony is the pioneer in the field of headphone manufacture. It was the radical innovation of ‘Sony Walkman’ that introduced people with the first ever concept of headphones. For its promise of delivering most advanced headphones, Sony still remains the first love for many tech-Geeks.


2. Bose (The boss of headphones):

Bose is an American company established in Massachusetts. It specializes in audio and video equipments and covers the entire component manufacturing segment. Bose is one of the highest selling headphone companies. Even though, the headphones are a not on the expensive side, still it doesn’t dissuade people from purchasing them. They justify the high price with fine quality and advanced technology, which makes them loud and clear.


1. Sennheiser (Meeting the clarion call for clarity):

On the top of our list of headphone manufacturers, sits a German company whose punch line is – “Let the sound take you away.” Sennheiser headphones are of impeccable quality, and offer the best sound and clarity. Not only music lovers, but these headphones are a much coveted choice amongst professionals as well. Audiphiles around the world over rate them highly. They are most popular for their noise elimination technology. With the right balance of sound quality and modernism, these vibrant headphones have been recording the highest sales for the past 65 years, from the time of the inception of the company.


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