Top 10 Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

1:17 pm 16 May, 2013

Everywhere, the world over, underground passageways exist in numerous forms constructed at some point of history to address various needs of the time. Tunnels are always associated with scary particulars and spooky details and related with different paranormal tales. Not only for their bizarre and creepy interiors, it’s also their mystifying design that adds to feeling of revulsion. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some popular haunted tunnels which are surrounded by mysterious tales and spooky incidents.

10. Smuggling Tunnel:

The 1000 feet long tunnel situated in Mexico, Smuggling Tunnel was recently unearthed in the joint venture between American and Mexican officials. Infamous for illegal drug trade, the place is considered to be one of the most spooky and mysterious all across the world. A heaven for drug peddlers the tunnel digs into US boundary.

Smuggling Tunnel - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

9. Edinburgh Underground Vaults:

Anyone who has visited Edinburgh is well acquainted with the underground vaults existing there. The place is not only famous for its history and wealth, but many come here for exploring the dark mysteries present beneath the ground. The dark underground passage that is still to be explored completely was discovered in mid 1980’s. The place has remained abandoned for decades now and devoid of any illumination, much to repugnance of the visitor (if at all they are brave enough to stand the scare).

Edinburgh Underground Vaults - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

8. Lost Crusaders’ Tunnels:

The underground city on the Mediterranean islands of Malta is already famous the world over for its spooky stories and rumors about secret carriageways. In addition, recently a tunnel has been unearthed beneath the Maltese capital of Valletta. The tunnel is not only intriguing, but arises the feeling of repugnance in almost every visitor, who wishes to explore its pathways inside out.

Lost Crusaders’ Tunnels - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

7. Infiltration Tunnels:

One of the most strategically located tunnels that cross the border of South Korea form its northern neighbor, Infiltration tunnels were constructed with a motive of aggression and fueling infiltration into Southern Peninsula by the Communists of North Korea. These invasion tunnels are mystifying and battling for their existence. They are more disliked than loved by visitors for their bloodcurdling ambiance.

Infiltration Tunnels - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

6. Channel Tunnel:

Also known as Chunnel, the Channel Tunnel is located in France. The tunnel was completed in 1994 as a plan to interlink England and France. The project involved a staggering cost of around $20 billion. However, the tunnel could not be shaped as was designed on papers due to several handicaps and constraints. The tunnel is fairly strange in its existence and can scare the hell out of anyone.

Channel Tunnel - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

5. Shafa Badran:

Situated in Amman in Jordan, the tunnel is situated in one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. There a numerous underground tunnels sited in the place deep down under the debris of historical architectural marvels. The place is nothing less than adrenalin pumper for enthusiasts willing to travel through the spine-chilling places in the world.

Shafa Badran - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

4. Redbank Range Railways Tunnel:

Commonly known as Picton and Mushroom Tunnel, Redbank Range Railways Tunnel finds mention in many poltergeist tales around the world. The supernatural structure associated with the site was constructed in 1867. The tunnel surely breeds repugnance in the hearts of the visitors for its uncanny, eerie and dark ambiance. The tunnel is a perfect host to paranormal events that are more than enough in instilling fear and dislike in anyone.

Redbank Range Railways Tunnel - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

3. Vimmy Ridge:

One of the most ruggedly haunted tunnels of the world, Vimmy Ridge is extensively wooded with trees and is a witness to a bloody war that took place 80 years ago. The most unusual and creepy feature about the tunnel is the complex tunnel networks that could easily engulf any traveler in darkness if he dares to explore the interiors of the scary place all alone.

Vimmy Ridge - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

2. The Cu Chi Tunnels:

One of the most historic and famous tunnels of Vietnam that played imperative role during French Indochina War and Vietnam War are also considered to be too scary for anyone’s liking. The size of the tunnel is 75 miles to over 150 miles and the atmosphere inside is haunting to say the least. The tunnels attract large number of tourists annually for their ghostly and creepy surroundings and deadly booby traps.

The Cu Chi Tunnels - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

1. Screaming Tunnel:

Built in early 1900’s, the creepy tunnel is situated near the Niagara Falls. It was constructed by Grand Trunk Railroad on a large scale before it went bankrupt. Numerous ghost stories do the round about the place and one of them states that if a person stands in the middle of the tunnel with a burning matchstick, something (God knows what) extinguishes it off and ghostly screams come echoing from all corners.

Screaming Tunnel - Haunted Tunnels that Define Repugnance

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