Top 10 Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

1:02 pm 2 Apr, 2013

The point in time where we stand successfully today can only be credited to the technological inventions over the years. In particular, the modern day man-made creations have made it hassle free for the human race to climb the ladder of success unlike in the past. Be it advancements in technology or entertainment, every bit of improvement in life only added to betterment of the society. Here is a list of top 10 greatest modern day man- made creations.

10. GPS:

The Global Positioning System is one of the most remarkable modern day man-made creations that re-defined the human life totally. This space based satellite navigation system helps in tracking out the locations. It not only added to the existing capabilities of the military and commercial users around the world but also helped the common man in tracking down the requisite directions in unknown places.

GPS - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

9. Satellite:

Among most important inventions in the modern world, satellite systems have been revolutionizing the human civilization for decades. Telephone networks, television channels etc. are accessible to billions on the planet only due this very man-made creation. Greatly advantageous in weather forecasting, telecommunication and research-survey related work; this scientific marvel has proffered a new definition to human existence in this world.

Satellite - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

8. ATM machine:

Automated Teller Machine or Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is a cash machine that drops out requested currency to the user. It has overcome the problem of carrying hard cash in pocket to every place. It is hassle free now to withdraw money with a swipe of debit/credit card with in a fraction of few seconds reducing the unnecessary labor of carrying huge sums of money everywhere.

ATM machine - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

7. Robot:

Robotics is the most promising field in scientific advancements that promises a widespread change in the human lifestyle. An electro-mechanical device that works on the basis of a well defined computer program is already assisting humans in fields of medicine, warfare, manufacturing and security operations. The future is only bound to get rosier.

Robot - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

6. Bar Code:

An optical machine readable display of data to which it is attached, Bar Code has simplified the modern day sales operations by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, the purchasing experience for the consumers at the supermarkets has improved considerably, reducing the time involved in checkout systems and increasing the level of security. Bar codes also made it possible to track down a product back to its manufacturing unit.

Bar Code - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations


5. Microwave Oven:

A kitchen sans a microwave oven is termed as incomplete and lackluster. In the fast paced world of today where every minute is precious, microwave oven provides a luxury of heating the pre-cooked food within few minutes without compromising on its taste and quality. It wasn’t so easy ever to cook food with minimum of bother.

Microwave Oven - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

4. Laptop:

Personal Computers (PC) have always been the best buddy of modern man since the time they find their way in our offices. Despite being one of the most adored among all the modern day inventions, they lack mobility. The handicap was easily overcome by the exceedingly mobile laptops that could even be carried to the beds by the users.

Laptop - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

3. Hybrid cars:

As the nations around the world industrialize rapidly, especially the developing countries, increased amount of pressure is exerted on the ecosystem. Transport is one such source that is regarded as the chief contributor to the alarming pollution levels worldwide. However, with the advent of hybrid cars, dependence on pollution spreading fuels will dwindle and environment would be cleaner again.

Hybrid cars - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

2. Mobile phone:

A dream, at least two decades back, to talk while taking a walk, mobile phones have re-scripted the telecommunication business worldwide with a new ink. Mobile phones are associated with humans currently in the same way as clothing. Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without mobile phone.

Mobile phone - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations


1. Internet:

The most rewarding man-made creations in the modern times, internet is a network of interconnected computers globally. Internet has offered the real meaning of globalization to the entire world and made the current world a true cohesive unit. Its multiple features such as e-mail, file transfer, www, news control groups and others have assisted in spread of knowledge to each and every corner of the earth.

Internet - Greatest Modern Day Man-Made Creations

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