Top 10 Greatest Batsmen in the History of Test Cricket

12:00 pm 12 Apr, 2013

The history of cricket has witnessed numerous batsmen who have taken the cricket arena by storm during their cricketing days. And, even out of these magnificent performers, only a handful are regarded as the best. The reason is their potential to win impossible encounters and continue their struggle to fight tougher battles at the cricket field. The ominous fear that they instilled in the minds of the opponent team further gave them impetus to rise higher and enter the league of the greatest players ever. Here is a list of top 10 greatest batsmen in the history of Test cricket.

10. Rahul Dravid (1996-2012):

Renowned for his robust defense, Rahul Dravid is also known as “The Wall.” People still remember him for redefining the way modern day test cricket is played. With an impressive average of 52.31 and more than 13,000 runs under his belt, Rahul was the most dependable batsman in the ranks for around two decades for the Indian test team.

Rahul Dravid

9. Wally Hammond (1927-1947):

Walter Reginald “Wally” Hammond was considered as the best batsman by the cricket commentators during the era of 1930’s. With a batting average of 58.45 Wally scored more than 7,000 runs for the English side during his career. A former captain of English cricket team, Hammond was an integral part of the English side during the infamous “Bodyline series”.

Wally Hammond

8. Javed Miandad (1976-1993):

Former Pakistan cricket captain and one of the most controversial cricket players during his playing days, Javed Miandad is the leading scorer of runs for Pakistan. Javed batted with a remarkable batting average of 52.57 during his playing days and amassed around 9,000 cricket runs. The outstanding attribute associated with Miandad’s batting was the way he planned his singles and bisected the fielders in the field.

Javed Miandad

7. Jack Hobbs (1908-1930):

Nicknamed as “The Master”, Jack Berry Hobbs was a premier English batsman, who played 61 test matches for his country during his tenure.  He scored more than 5,000 runs at a noteworthy average of 56.94. His first class cricket was all the more magnificent with total of more than 61,000 runs and 199 centuries that qualifies him among the top 5 batsmen of the 1930’s.

Jack Hobbs

6. Garfield Sobers (1954-1974):

Sir Garfield Sobers, who played in the invincible cricket team of West Indies during the golden days of Caribbean cricket, is regarded as one of the finest and most skilled test batsmen of the time. In addition, his all round cricket skills need no mention whatsoever. He amassed around 8,000 runs at a notable batting average of 57.78 and won his team matches during the most challenging times. The kind of respect he earned from the opposition ranks makes the matter all the more clear.

Garfield Sobers

5. Sunil Gavaskar (1971-1987):

Renowned as little master due to his small stature, Sunil Gavaskar or Sunny was the first batsman to surpass the record of maximum test centuries of Sir Donald Bradman. He scored over 10,000 runs at an impressive average of 51.12. He was the only batsman who successfully negotiated the famous pace battery of the West Indies during 1970’s without any impact on the batting average. This in itself speaks volumes about his greatness.

Sunil Gavaskar

4. Brian Lara (1990-2006):

One of the few players in the test cricket history to score tripe tons double times in his career, Brian Charles Lara or The Prince as he was famously called, is regarded as one of the three greatest batsmen of the modern times. He scored around 12,000 test runs at a sparkling average of 52.88 in his career and won tough encounters for his team. Apart from this, he is the only batman under the sun at present to score quintuple hundred in first-class history.

Brian Lara

3. Sachin Tendulkar (1989-till present):

Fondly called as Tendlya, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is regarded as the “God of Cricket” in most parts of the world. Most of the cricket experts rate him highly for his ability to resist pressure unlike anyone. Despite playing in one of the weakest cricket teams for a major part of his career; Sachin won countless ties for India even against the mightiest of oppositions. He is the only batsman in the list who is currently playing international cricket and there is every possibility that he would turn up as the number one contender, before he retires from active cricket. With a batting average of 53.86, he has scored around 15,837 runs till date.

Sachin Tendulkar

2. Vivian Richards (1974-1991):

Popularly known as King Viv, Sir Vivian Richards could be termed as the most destructive test batsmen of his time. Majority of the fast bowlers during his playing days regard him as the best player of genuine fast bowling. He has more than 8,000 runs to his credit at a gleaming average of 50.23. In 2002 he was voted as the third best batsman to play the gentleman’s game ever after Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar.

Vivian Richards

1. Donald Bradman (1928-1948):

Sir Donald George Bradman or The Don is considered to be the greatest batsman to play the game by far. His cricketing average of 99.94 is more than enough to prove the point to the core. He scored around 7,000 runs in just 52 test matches. He was dismissed for a duck in his final innings and if he would have scored four runs in that innings his average could have settled at 100. Despite his various batting records including his quickfire double tons (within a day), he is more remembered for his success in the infamous “Bodyline series” where he played against all odds.

Donald Bradman

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