Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid To Stay Healthy

5:10 am 20 Sep, 2013

The new age we’re living in is dominated by industrialized food the most. Fast foods lead to a variety of health issues, minor and serious. They use chemicals that can disrupt our hormones and cause cancer as well. If you truly believe you are what you eat and want to live a healthy life, control your food habits now. Here are 10 foods you should avoid to stay healthy.

10. Microwavable Popcorn:

You should avoid eating anything that is cooked or put in a microwave, especially microwave popcorn. Perfluoroalkyl is a chemical used in microwave popcorn bags to prevent the leakage of the grease the fast food wrappers. These chemicals are carcinogenic and damage the endocrine system. They also cause cancerous tumors, thyroid malfunction and infertility in humans.

Microwavable Popcorn

9. Hot Dogs:

To find out how harmful hot dogs can be, know that a single piece contains 14g of fat and more than 700 milligrams of sodium. The worst, your hot dog is stuffed more with preservatives than pure meat. But if you are a hot dog freak, buy a low-sodium hot dog with real meat.

Hot Dogs

8. Table Salt:

Processed salt that we use is sodium chloride which also includes harmful chemicals like aluminosilicate and ferrocyanide.  Opposite to that, if you can use natural salt (sea salt), it has balanced amounts of sodium chloride and essential minerals like phosphorous, vanadium and silicon. Natural salt with useful minerals is good for health that adds a different flavor to your food.

Table Salt

7. Microwavable Diet Meals:

There are frozen diet meals that claim to be completely healthy and fat free, but reality is totally different. These microwavable diet meals are loaded with sugar, calories, preservatives and sodium. Normally there are 6oo milligrams of sodium in your Macaroni and Beef in Tomato Sauce that you eat in small portions. You could replace such junk with other healthier foods!

Microwavable Diet Meals

6. Processed Meat:

Processed meat contains chemicals such as PAH, AGE and HCA that induce cancer. Also, it is made with the meat of animals that have been given antibiotics and other harmful drugs for growth. These drugs pass on to you through processed meat. Sodium nitrite is also added to these meats for flavor and gets converted into cancer causing nitrosamines.

Processed Meat

5. Canned Foods:

All of us find it highly convenient to eat packed items than to prepare fresh food. Most canned foods contain BPA, a highly toxic chemical. This chemical is linked to neurological disorders, heart diseases, diabetes and reproductive abnormalities. All canned stuff is acidic and it is better to prefer food kept in glass containers.

Canned Foods

4. Stored Pasta Sauces:

These stored sauces are probably the most dangerous food ever. Though people around the world love them, it is true that one-half cup of store-bought sauce contains more than 500 milligrams of sodium and over 10 grams of sugar.

Stored Pasta Sauces

3. Low fat Peanut Butter:

If you love to eat peanut butter use the fat rich form. Though every tablespoon of peanut butter contains 15 grams of fat, still it is healthy fat. Now there are low and even no fat peanut betters and they lay claim of being healthy. However, you should know that rich in fat peanut butter contains monosaturated fats that reduce harmful cholesterol in your body. But once you make into low fat, its natural nutrients are not there anymore. So make sure you use regular peanut butter to stay healthy.

Low fat Peanut Butter

2. Soy:

Soy is the best example of genetically modified foods known till date. This food is found in almost everything from bottled drinks and sauces to baked items and cereals. If you need to use soy, make sure the products you use are organic fermented soy products. Soy is toxic to the placenta and can damage the reproductive system in females.


1. Sugar:

Here is the biggest reprobate that loves to directly suppress the immune system. Excess of sugar is always detrimental to your health, leading to weight gain and diabetes. It seeps essential minerals from your body and affects hormones. Your body begins to grow unbalanced and ends up in a state of biochemical disorder. A big anti-nutrient, sugar leads to the loss of calcium and other nutrients from human body. Eventually your body compensates this loss by sucking calcium from bones, causing osteoporosis.


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