Top 10 first journeys around the world

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8:35 pm 9 Oct, 2010

Since the first voyage round the world almost 500 years ago, people have been looking for different ways of circumnavigating (traveling right round) the planet by land, water or air. Read this appealing list of Topyaps, summarizing top ten first but revolutionary journeys around the world.

10. First solo flight

On 7 March, 200 5, Steve Fossett (USA) achieved the first solo round-the-world flight without refueling in Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer . He covered a total distance of 36,818 km in a flight time of 67 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds. On 1 February, 2006, he once again took off from USA to fly around the world. This time he carried on to Bournemouth, UK, making this voyage the longest ever solo, non stop round-the-world flight. He traveled a distance of 39,912.68 km in 76 hours, 42 minutes and 55 seconds.

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9. First balloon flight

Brian Jones (UK) and Bertrand Piccard (Switzerland) made a round-world-voyage in the Breitling Orbiter 3. They left on 1 March, 1999 and their journey took three weeks.

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8. First in a wheelchair

Rick Hansen (Canada) went round the world in a wheelchair between 21 March, 1985 and 22 May, 1987. He traveled through 34 countries.

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7. First non-stop solo voyage

British yachtsman Robin Knox Johnston sailed from and returned to Falmouth, UK, in Suhail between 14 June, 1968 and 22 April 1969.

image source : getty images

6. First underwater

US Navy nuclear submarine Triton traveled round the world underwater between 16 February and 25 April 1960.

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5. First non-stop flight

USAF B-50A bomber Luck Lady II, piloted by Captain James Gallagher flew from Fort Worth Texas on 26 February 1949. The journey took 94 hours, 1 minute and the plane was refueled four times in mid-air.

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4. First walk

George Matthew Schilling (USA) claimed to have walk round the world between 1897 and 1904 but his journey has not been verified. David Kunst (USA) made the first confirmed journey from 20 June 1970 to 5 October 1974. He took 20 million steps and wore out 21 pairs of shoes during his 23,250 km walk.

image source : waseca

3. First solo sailing:

Canadian born sailor Captain Joshua Slocum (1844-1910) sailed round the world alone in Spray, an oyster boat he built himself. He left the US on 24 April, 1895 and returned on 27 June 1898.

image source : nndb

2. First British circumnavigation

Sir Francis Drake and his crew of 50 left Plymouth, England on the Golden Hind in 1577 and returned to Plymouth on 26 November, 1580.

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1. First circumnavigation

Juan Sebastian de Elcano and his crew of 17 on board Vittoria sailed from Spain in 1519 and returned 1,079 days later. The expedition was led by Ferdinand Magellan but he did not survive the voyage. He was murdered in the Philippines on 27 April, 1521.

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