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Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

Why do we like fashion shows? Perhaps because the magnificent runway, the attractive and tall models, the stunning dresses and accessories, the music and the audience; are the ingredients that make up for a fashion show. We have all witnessed one or the other either in person or through our television sets. Yes, we all love our doses of fashion. Remember the fashion shows in your colleges and universities? Yes, that is exactly the kind of influence the world of fashion has on us. We all like to look good, don’t we? ‘Fashion’ as a concept has reached such heights in our society that in some way or the other it is a part of one and all. It is a thriving industry; very cut throat as well as aesthetic. Which are some of the top fashion shows around the world? Which are some of the shows where top notch fashion designers are put to test? Let’s find out!


10. Australian Fashion Week:

The Australian Fashion Week is an annual event held in the country which aims to feature the works of fashion houses and designers from the Australian and Asia Pacific regions. It was first held in the year 1995. This event brings the designers and the retail buyers under one roof and helps the latter to purchase the latest in fashion from them. Some of the noted Fashion names associated with this event include Lisa Ho, Alex Perry, Zimmermann, Toni Maticevski, Leona Edmiston, J’Aton Couture, Ericaamerica and more.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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9. Los Angeles Fashion week:

The Los Angeles Fashion week occurs bi-annually each year. The fall collections are showcased in the month March while the spring Collection is displayed in the month of October. It predominantly demonstrates the creations of Los Angeles and Southern California Fashion Designers. The popularity of this event is gradually increasing as result of constant efforts from Los Angeles Fashion Designers and Journalists.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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8. Berlin Fashion Week:

One of the youngest Fashion Weeks, the Berlin Fashion Week began in the year 2007. It showcases the works of young and vibrant designers and is held in Berlin bi-annually. The Berlin Partner GmbH along with the Berlin senate are among the organizers of the event.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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7. Tokyo Fashion Week:

The Japanese are known for excelling in whatever they do. Fashion is not an area where they are lagging in any respect. The Tokyo Fashion Week is an event which has steadily climbed up the charts of popularity over the years. The styles and trends showcased are bold and often very experimental. Some of the most unusual fashion trends have come out into the world through the Tokyo Fashion Week and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this event slowly becomes one of the best in the industry.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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6. Lakme India Fashion Week:

It is the most prestigious fashion even of India now in its second decade. It is sponsored by Lakme, the leading cosmetics brand used in India. If you are a Fashion designer from India, it is the event you would like to showcase your designs at. The best and sought after fashion houses from India display their creations in this event.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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5. Madrid Fashion Week:

The most prestigious fashion even of Spain, the Madrid Fashion Week also known as the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week is often a bi-annual event which takes place in Madrid, Spain. The shows are organized by IFEMA which is the trade fair in Madrid and has been in the Fashion map for over five decades. Various notable models, socialites attend this event.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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4. New York Fashion Week:

It is the top fashion even in New York one of the fashion capitals of the world. It rates among the ‘Big Four’ Fashion Weeks which includes Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. It is held in February and September each year and showcases the creations of big names in the Fashion Industry. The New York Fashion Week was first held in the year 1943 and was the first ever of its kind organised anywhere in the world. The intent of the New York Fashion Week is to also showcase the American Fashion which in history was always over shadowed by the French Fashion Industry.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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3. London Fashion Week:

Among the top for Fashion shows in the world, the London Fashion Week is held bi-annually in London every year in the months of February and September. Needless to say this event too is attended by the who’s who of the fashion fraternity with the top notch fashion houses putting their work on display. It is organised and planned by the British Fashion Council and has been occurring since 1984.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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2. Milan Fashion Week:

An event of glitz and glamour in Milan, Italy among the big Four Fashion Capitals around the world, the Milan Fashion Week occurs bi-annually like its counterparts every year. It is scheduled in the months of February-March for the Spring Summer Collection and September- October for the Autumn Winter Collection. It begun in the year 1958 and since has been counted as one of the most illustrious shows the world over. Prestigious fashion houses are part of this event which includes Dolce & Gabanna, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Prada among others.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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1. Paris fashion Week:

The greatest of all fashion shows, it is one of the most celebrated fashion weeks held in bi-annually in Paris one of the four fashion capitals of the world. The event is held to showcase Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections at the respective times of each year. Top Fashion houses display their works in this event with the elite fashion connoisseurs present to marvel at the creations. Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Paul Smith are just some of the big names associated with this event from a list of several others.

Top 10 famous fashion shows of the world

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