Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

8:22 am 22 Oct, 2013

Fame is a strange thing. Those who don’t have it want it and those who have it can’t seem to handle it. We all love watching celebrities rise to fame and then embarrass themselves by doing something totally stupid; like shoplifting. We have a list of 10 famous shoplifters who have all the money in the world to buy anything and still have been caught stealing small things from shops. Here are the top 10 famous celebs who were caught shoplifting.

10. Stephanie Pratt:

Stephanie Pratt is a television actress who was in the reality television series The Hills. In 2006, even before she became famous she was caught stealing $1300 worth of merchandise from Neiman Marcus in Honolulu. She was working as a production assistant on ABC’s lost at that time.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

9. Caroline Giuliani:

Being the child of a famous person isn’t easy either. Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Rudi Giuliani, was caught stealing makeup from a beauty supply store in New York. She stole 5 items that cost about $100 from Sephora store in Manhattan, New York in 2010 when she was 20 years old.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

8. Tila Tequila:

This celebrity was caught stealing chips and gum from CVS. Tila Tequila is a social media and reality TV star. She starred in the reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila which aired for two seasons. She confessed on her blog that she forgot her wallet and was very hungry so she stole the chips and gum thinking she won’t get caught.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

7. Peaches Geldof:

Peaches Geldof is a celebrity, socialite and columnist from UK who is known for having the bad habit of stealing clothes. She has been charged with shoplifting many times when she tried to steal undergarments and clothes. She once walked out of a store with a £500 dress without making payment. She has also been suspected of stealing clothes from a photo shoot.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

6. Rex Reed:

Rex Reed is a film critic and television presenter. He has also acted in a few movies and was a regular on the television show The Gong Show in the 70’s. He was caught in Manhattan for shoplifting 3 CDs in 2000. He is the only man in this list which makes him special as kleptomania is usually related to women.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

5. Jennifer Capriati:

Teen tennis prodigy Jennifer Capriati became famous at a far too early age and like many child stars found it hard to handle it. She was caught for steeling a $15 ring from a mall in Tampa, Florida. She claimed that she tried on many rings and just forgot to take one of them off.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

4. Farrah Fawcett:

The Charlie’s Angels star of the 70’s, Farrah Fawcett was known for her all American good looks but she had her moment of notoriety when she was caught stealing dresses from two different boutiques. She later claimed that she was taking justice into her own hands as the stores had refused to exchange merchandise she had purchased earlier.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

3. Winona Ryder:

You wouldn’t think that this innocent eyed beauty could be a kleptomaniac but this Hollywood star was caught stealing $5000 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. She was charged with grand theft felony and vandalism and had to pay $6355 as fine and also had to do 480 hours of community service.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

2. Britney Spears:

If any star has given us the pleasure of watching them self destruct over and over again then it has to be Britney Spears. She reached the height of fame at an early age and then fell off many times. She’s been known to be a kleptomaniac and has tried to steal things from many shops over the years. To her credit she always seems to get back on her feet.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

1. Lindsay Lohan:

If anyone outclasses Britney Spears in the art of falling from grace it has to be Lindsay Lohan. This young celeb got lost in the haze of her popularity and started doing drugs and spent her time getting in and out of rehab. She was also caught stealing $2500 necklace from a jewelry story in Venice, California. She said that she took the necklace on loan but the store has no paperwork for a celebrity loan.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Shoplifters

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