Top 10 Easiest Indian Dishes To Cook

6:35 am 21 Sep, 2013

The long list of ingredients can scare even food lovers out of kitchen. Fortunately, cooking need not be always time consuming tough task with a messy kitchen to clean up later. For those who are staying away from home, fast food joints is not the only solution to beat their hunger pangs. For students, especially those living as paying guests, eating out often can be unhealthy; moreover, it may be tough on their budget. Some of the dishes can be ready in minutes and are quite delicious to savor. You may not even have to light the stove for few of them. Here is a list of 10 easiest Indian dishes to cook.

10. Lemon rice:

This tasty dish can be prepared even with left over rice. Neither grinding of masala nor complicated procedure is required to cook this dish. If the rice ready, the dish can be prepared within 5 minutes. With the tangy taste of lemon, it goes down well even without any side dish.

Lemon rice

9. Sweet Vermicelli:

Sweet vermicelli is a tasty dish that goes down well for a quick breakfast or as a snack. Roast vermicelli in ghee, add hot water, sugar to taste and simmer until done. Garnish with fried cashew nuts and raisins and lo behold, you have steaming sweet vermicelli which is very nutritious food.

Sweet Vermicelli

8. Boiled and garnished tapioca:

The cleaned and boiled tapioca is a great dish especially when it is garnished with a seasoning of mustard seeds, urad dal (black gram) and curry leaves. Sprinkle some freshly grated coconut on top. It is one of most nutritious quick fix food anyone can serve.

Boiled and garnished tapioca

7. Curd Rice:

Curd rice is wholesome meal that is easy on the digestive system and easy to prepare anytime. The basic ingredients are curds and cooked rice, with garnishing variants that give it a distinct taste. Pomegranates taste great in curd rice.

Curd Rice

6. Oats soup:

Oats soup is an easiest way to include the nutritious food in your diet. Oats has a great nutritional value as it is low in saturated fat, and very low in cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, thiamin, magnesium and phosphorus. The dish can be prepared from scratch and goes down well with bread.

Oats soup

5. Thin Poha/Chiwda:

The very thin poha which is available in paper thickness is a very popular snack as it not only easy to fix a quick dish, but also because it is low fat food. The thin poha does not require much cooking as it can be just roasted along with the nuts and spices. You can add lots of dry fruits like cashew nuts and raisins which makes it even more delicious. Fennel seeds in the tempering are optional, which can be used for distinct flavor and taste. It makes great chaat dish too.

Thin Poha - Chiwda

4. Onion Pakoras:

For those who feel hungry between the meals, onions pakoras are the right snacks for tea time. North Indians call this dish as Kanda Bhajia. The crispy pokoras can be prepared in very less time and they taste great with a cup of steaming coffee or tea.

Onion Pakoras

3. Light Mashed Potatoes:

The dish is tasty, easy and can be preparation does require many ingredients.  Add milk over boiled potatoes and mash it completely smooth. Beat in seasoning along with some olive oil. The dish can be flavored with bay leaf and butter can be added instead of olive oil for those who prefer it. The protein rich dish can be substituted for a whole meal.

Light Mashed Potatoes

2. Noodles:

Introduction of instant noodles into market changed cooking forever. No more wondering what to serve when the toddler announces, ‘I am hungry’. The instant noodles can be served in less than 5 minutes and it is loved by all.


1. Sandwich:

Though not a typical Indian food, sandwich is very popular all over India. Sandwich has been one of the easiest dishes to fix for ages. The filling can be vegetarian, non-vegetarian, spicy or bland according to the required taste. Indians have run wild with their own creation of sandwiches which range from green chutney sandwich, banana sandwich to the tasty chicken sandwich.


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