Top 10 Content Strategies For Bloggers

9:00 am 31 Aug, 2013

Blogging is the most prominent way to have an effective online presence. In fact, blogs are the trendiest platform for online communication today. All big businesses, organizations and amateur bloggers love to operate their work through blogs. If you too are a blogger, or want to become one, you need to generate interesting ideas to blog about. Even more importantly, you need to have a foolproof content strategy. Here are 10 content strategies you can practice to make a difference as a blogger:

10. Know What You Want:

A lot has changed about how we used to blog in the past, with newer modifications being introduced every day. In the current scenario, blogs are fairly dedicated to content sharing, which is their main goal. Actually, content sharing is what makes blogging the most effective social media strategy. Know what exactly you want to blog for and how. Once you know your purpose, spend as much time as you can to update yourself with the latest blogging trends. Ultimately, all it takes is unique and quality content, which best describes the product you are dealing in.

Know What You Want

9. Compile Ideas:

You may have so many ideas coming simultaneously into your mind. You can’t write about all of them at once. Make a list by framing ideas in the correct manner. Place them on the basis of priority and importance. When it comes to developing content based on them, you can shuffle them depending upon what a particular situation demands.

Compile Ideas

8. Regular Interaction and Feedback:

After blogging for long, may be you’ve begun to take things for granted. This is the stage when you begin to jargon and lose your customers. Try to engage your audience in regular interactions with you to solve this problem. Develop a habit of regularly checking your emails and comments on your posts. Spend time reverting to them and answer/resolve their doubts and queries through a fresh post.

Regular Interaction and Feedback

7. Write Review Content:

Study what others say about your industry and product. You can give it a twist to present it in a new and captivating manner. Review a latest industry book and you can choose to be a critic at times. Highlight the points that you know interest your audience the most.

Write Review Content

6. Approach Guest Authors:

If you are worn-out writing too much and have nothing worthwhile to write about, it would be best to let some experienced author do it for you. You will find people having sufficient knowledge about your area of expertise. Your readers will have a change and besides, you can gather new ideas for your next post as well.

Approach Guest Authors

5. Stay Updated:

Staying updated is one of the most significant content strategies recommended for bloggers. Pick up a recent event related to your industry in one way or the other, give it your words and publish. Put all exclusive industry announcements together for your next piece. This will boost your readers’ trust and interest level and fetch organic traffic for the blog.

Stay Updated

4. Study Analytics:

As a blogger, you need to know everything about your audience. Use website analytics to collect detailed information about your readers, including location, the platform they use to connect to you and user statics. Once you know every valuable detail about them, you can prepare quality content that targets them well. For example, you can write your next post for audience that span from the area with majority clicks on your log.

Study Analytics

3. Graphical Illustration:

The most appropriate means to make the information you provide to your readers look precise is well-labeled graphical illustrations. People believe more in numerical data and statistics than simply written statements. Present numerical data through charts and make sure you mention precise stats only.

Graphical Illustration

2. Content in a broader sense:

Gone are the times when content referred to text only. Text can’t be your blog content always and for long. You can place a video instead of conveying the whole message through words. Or how about publishing an audio interview of a business expert? Welcome your readers with fresh pictures of a webinar that took place recently.

Content in a broader sense

1. Nothing Replaces Quality:

Like everybody else, you want to catch the attention of as large an audience as you possibly can through blogging. This is the biggest step toward earning money on the net. But this is possible only if you can provide your target audience the concise information through quality content. If you think you can fool people with wrong information to promote your product, you are mistaken. Even if you succeed initially by doing so, it is a momentary success. Remember that content, only when unique and qualitative, is going to be the king of your blog.

Nothing Replaces Quality

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