Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear


Communication plays a very important role in attracting a girl towards you. She will be more impressed by your striking sentences rather than the expensive gifts. Women love to hear compliments, you just have to make her realize the importance she has in your life. The best way to woo a woman is by words and it’s only words that take her heart away! Different women love hearing different things from men. There will be some who would love to hear her man calling her sexy while there will be others who would love it when his guy says that she is the best wife. You have to be very careful with your words or the compliment will turn into a comment. Scroll down to have a look at the 10 best compliments which every girl wants to hear.

10. You are perfect:

When you call a girl perfect you get an instant 10/10 from her. Every woman loves a kind of man who doesn’t want to find faults in her. She will respect you all the more when you say that she is exactly what you wanted from life. It’s not very often that we find our soul-mate in the first go, if you have found her, don’t hesitate to tell her that.

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

9. You are irreplaceable:

When you tell a woman that she is the only one and no one else can ever take her place, she will start feeling on cloud nine. Provide that emotional security to your girl and you will notice how much she has always loved you. Don’t ever hide anything from her and tell her by looking directly in her eyes, that she is just irreplaceable.

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

8. You are hot:

Do you still look at your partner as that hot girl you fell for in college? If yes, then tell her that! This is the best thing a woman wants to hear from her guy. Appreciate her working out at the gym and constantly keep telling her that she still looks like as if she was just 16. Call your girl hot, she will blush and you will definitely have a good night ahead!

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

7. You have an awesome dressing sense:

Girls are crazy for clothes; they want almost everything trendy in their wardrobe. If your woman is like this, don’t forget to compliment her about her dressing sense. She will simply love it! Keep telling her that how much you like her in that short denim skirt or those bum shorts. She is for sure going to love you all the more!

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

6. I am so proud of you:

Always tell your girl that you are proud of her achievements. Mention even the smallest things like paying her credit card bill; she will feel all the more enthusiastic when you appreciate her efforts. Believe in her goals and support her at every step of life. A woman is the happiest when her guy tells her that she has made him proud.

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

5. You are phenomenal in bed:

Girls always want to please their men under the sheets and they are always trying hard for it. Keep complimenting your girl on her efforts in the bed. She will be all the more enthusiastic when she hears from her guy that she was simply awesome while making out. Trust me; you will have your girl double up her efforts for the next night!

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

4. You cook awesome:

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Women always love it when their man appreciates the food cooked by them. The best way to keep on having the delicious food is by telling her frequently that she is an awesome cook. The pleasure doubles up when you compliment your girl by saying that she is a better cook than your mom!

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

3. You are flexible:

It is often said that girls are not adjusting and they are dominating, call your girl flexible and she will just love it. Tell her how she has made your life wonderful and how she always manages to take you out from the dicey situations.

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

2. You have beautiful eyes:

This one is a sure-fire way that will instantly get you into the good books of your girl. Call her pretty and appreciate her eyes. You can even use punch lines like, ‘God, do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes’. Well, the best way to compliment her about her eyes is by telling her the depth she has in them and how well she communicates with them.

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear

1. Marrying you was the smartest idea:

Any woman would love to hear that from the man she has married. Keep telling her constantly that how smart was your decision to get married to her and how beautifully she has handled you and your home. Appreciate her in all the minimal things she does, she absolutely deserves all the respect and love from you!

Top 10 Compliments Every Girl Wants To Hear



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