Top 10 Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

9:22 am 24 Apr, 2013

English is a tricky language, which requires writers to be well versed with its technicalities. Grammar plays an important role and a slight mistake in its use can completely change the meaning of what you’re trying to say. The language uses plenty of confusing words, with similar spellings, but different meanings. A word can simultaneously be a noun and an adjective, the difference lies in the way you’ll use it. Here is a list of top 10 common grammatical mistakes we make in English.

10. Singular and Plural dilemma:

It is very clear for most of us that usage of “s” at the end of word refers to plurality of the term. We are even aware about the words such as “women” where “e” is inserted to change the singular world into plural. However a dilemma arises in the case of words like “software” which are used similarly in both the respects. Therefore, you need to learn few more tricks before you produce error free copies in English.

Singular and Plural dilemma - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

9. Punctuation at the end of URL:

Most common mistake made by numerous writers presently is the usage of punctuation at the end of URL and even editors (entrusted with the job of editing the copy). They miss out on the issue completely and leave it uncorrected. The reason may be lack of knowledge in the rules of the game. However, no punctuation mark should be inserted at the end of the URL.

Punctuation at the end of URL - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

8. When its becomes it’s:

Apostrophe is only used when constricting the words it is. “Its” doesn’t follow the rules for possessiveness and is independent of any usage of apostrophe. For example, “Its value is worth millions” doesn’t require apostrophe as it doesn’t require any need to contract it is. However, it can get tricky mostly for the beginners. The rule to remember here is that when we combine “it is” into a single word, it becomes “it’s.”

When its becomes it’s - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

7. To, too, two:

Looks funny isn’t it, but amounts to almost 1/3 rd of common grammatical mistakes in English language. While “to” is a verb and preposition. An extra “o” stresses upon meaning; and “two” refers to number. Make it a point to single out the differences between three words and don’t repeat the folly again as  “it is too bad to repeat the same mistake two times”.

To, too, two - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

6. There or their:

One of the silliest grammatical errors when “there” is used in place of “their” and other way round too. While “there” is related to position or location, “their” is all about relation or possession. It is not that tricky as it looks, but needs proper practice before moving on with the game.

There or their - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

5. Improper Comma usage:

Commas play a very important part in sentence formation and improper usage could result in loss in the real meaning of the sentence. They make certain that a temporary stall is maintained while reading the sentence. A mislaid or missing comma can lead to misplaced and hilarious meaning in a sentence. “Time to eat children” would have been less nasty had a comma been inserted after “eat”.

Improper Comma usage - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

4. Apostrophe errors:

A major source of errors worldwide, apostrophe usage requires proper practice and knowledge. English is a language of exceptions and needs to be properly looked after. In case “girl’s” and “girls” are mixed in the sentence “the girls are very polite”the entire meaning of the sentence loses its meaning to turn into a joke.

Apostrophe errors - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

3. Articles are troublemakers:

“An” used in place of “the” and “a” positioned where article had no job to perform is an age old problem. Even if we master their usage in standard cases, English language leaves no respite for us while dealing with silent vowels. In order to makes matters more clear “an” is used with “honest” for its “o” sound despite the fact it begins with “h” and it is no vowel.

Articles are troublemakers - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

2. Mixing past with present:

I bet that most of us have been troubled with the particular problem in English grammar at some point of time in our life. Mixing past with future tense and vice –versa is the reason for unclear messages to the other person most of the time. When we say —“He was at home when I am going to meet him” clearly shows that we need to get back to our grammar tutorials as early as possible.

Mixing past with present - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

1. Subject-verb agreement:

It is the most common mistake made by people worldwide. Majority of the people find it troublesome to frame their sentences with subject-verb agreement intact. It is not uncommon to read sentences such as—-“the woman are going to the market. Here “is” should have been used in the place of “are” in keeping up with the subject-verb agreement clause.

Subject-verb agreement - Common Grammatical Mistakes We Make in English

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