Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

8:41 am 10 Oct, 2013

Biomedical Engineering is a branch of science that combines the principles of engineering with medicine and biology to modernize healthcare. It is an intriguing, and an innately multidisciplinary field involving an application of engineering techniques to assist doctors and physicians in healthcare, as well as in helping them in rehabilitating the disabled. It has a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in a broad array of subfields including Tissue engineering,  Genetic engineering, Neural engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering, Medical devices, Medical imaging, Implants, Bionics, Clinical engineering, Biocompatible Prosthetics, and many more. There is high demand for biomedical engineers in the industry, government institutions, medical schools, research centers and health care institutions. The ever growing employment opportunity and scope for biomedical engineering in India has seen its emergence in colleges with a bang. Here is a list of top 10 colleges in India offering excellent education opportunity in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

10. The Central University of Karnataka (CUK), Gulbarga:

The Central University of Karnataka was established by the government of India under the project of providing quality higher education to citizens in districts which has low rate of education. The university provides solid foundation for aspiring students of Biomedical Engineering developing their scientific temper.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

9. IT-BHU:

The School of Biomedical Engineering in the IT-BHU was established by the UGC as part of 5th Five Year Plan in the year 1978. Banaras Hindu University is one of the institutes having both the Institute of Technology and Institute of Medical Sciences in the same campus. This facilitated collaborative work related to Biomedical Engineering. The infrastructure development work of the School was started in 1985. At present the university is offering 2 years M.Tech course in Biomedical Engineering, in addition to the Ph.D programme.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

8. VIT University:

Vellore Institute of Technology or VIT is a top ranked Indian University which has contributed greatly to research and technology development of our nation. The Biomedical Engineering programme at VIT has been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) of the USA.  The university has been recognized by various institutes in India and also many organizations from abroad.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

7. SRM University:

The SRM University in Kattankulathur, under Anna University has the department of Biomedical Engineering established in the year 2004. The program was established with active clinical and industrial partnership in association with their sister institution, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Institute. Since then, the department has been actively engaged in diversified research and teaching in the field of Biomedical Engineering with an objective of preparing the students to be a Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Application Specialist, Medical Device Entrepreneur, Biomedical Scientist and an Academician in Biomedical Engineering.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

6. IIT Roorkee:

The IIT Roorkee was one of the most prestigious technical institutions of India even before being incarnated as an IIT. The university has grown into multifaceted & multi-dimensional hub of technical education and research, including bio-medical engineering department. The bio-medical engineering research in this department started in early seventies and the first Ph.D. degree was awarded in the year 1973. Currently, the university is involved in research activities being conducted on analysis of different medical images, medical imaging modalities, computer assisted electrocardiography, heart rate variability, bio-matrix, telemedicine and bio-signal analysis under venom interaction.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

5. Netaji Subhash Engineering College (NSEC), Kolkata:

Netaji Subhash Engineering College is an engineering college established in 1998 in collaboration with the Techno India Group and The Institute of Computer Engineers (India), keeping the ideals of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in mind. In the year 2002 the university launched the Department of Bio-Medical Engineering which became a full-fledged separate department in 2009 offering the B.Tech program in Bio-Med Engineering and undergraduate course in B.Tech.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

4. MIT, Manipal:

The Manipal Institute of Technology, situated in the city of Manipal in Karnataka is the first self-financed colleges established in India. The university specializes in the fields of Engineering, technology and medicine under 16 academic departments. The MIT offers B.Tech Biomedical Engineering, undergraduate and post graduate courses in Biomedical Engineering. Admissions are done on the basis of rank in the All India Manipal University Online Entrance Test.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

3. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay:

The IITB is a top ranked engineering college and also the second oldest technical Institute in India. IIT Bombay is ranked overall #233 at the international level and No. 39 among Asian institutes according to the QS World University Rankings for 2013. Biomedical Engineering under the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (BSBE) allows for the application of science and engineering principles to further fundamental knowledge. The BSBE department of IITB aspires to create an ambience not just for the pursuit of scholarly activities but also to promote research and education. It targets to make an international impact, and to produce future leaders in the field of Biosciences and Bioengineering.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi:

Spread over 325 acres of land, the campus of IIT Delhi resembles a small town rather than a university. The top ranked university is involved in cutting edge technology research along with offering various educational programs for students. Along with biomedical engineering, IIT Delhi has seen great progress in Nano technology and Nano Science as well. The examination procedure of IIT Delhi is considered to be one of the toughest faced by Indian students. Apart from the two mid-semester examinations and end-semester examinations, the students are kept alert through assignments, competitive quizzes and projects given to them throughout the year. The university strongly believes in developing human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

1. AIIMS, Delhi:

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS is a top ranked university of India. It stood #1 in Outlook India ranking of medical colleges in 2013. AIIMS stresses on the research in order to cultivate a scientific temper which will lead to the elimination of superstition and sway of authority from our society.  AIIMS offers Master’s degree in Biotechnology (M Biotech) which is a two year course started in 1986. This new venture in an emerging discipline has been designed to produce a cadre of scientists required for highly specialized areas.

Top 10 colleges In India For Biomedical Engineering

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