Top 10 Clothing Styles to Wow your Boy

5:00 pm 21 Feb, 2013

Impressing a guy generally doesn’t take much; a few figments of imagination and bit of a mix and match with the existing set of clothes in the closet, and your work is done. There is a misconception that it takes a deep pocket to impress a guy. Men are generally attracted to girls that are uncomplicated and adequate in their outlook. Thus, be simple and little different with your attire. Here is how you can do it; listed below are top 10 clothing styles that can help you wow your boy.

10. Simple killer look:

There is nothing more pleasing to a man than a woman dressed in simple, yet elegant, clothes. Most men are very simple and uncomplicated with their own clothing styles. For that reason, they expect the woman to reproduce the same idea while dressing up. A girl wearing a simple and somber pair of shirt and trousers is praised more than a woman dressed up in a revealing outfit.

Simple killer looks ( Clothing styles for women )

9. Floor him with stylish denim:

Denim is a universal constituent of any girl’s wardrobe. Denim clothes always rule the roost among all the contemporary dressing styles. The best part is that denim looks fabulous on everybody irrespective of shape and size. You could go all-out with a pair of denim shorts or a pair of jeans. Denim jackets and shirts are very stylish, too.

Floor him with stylish denim

8. A little formal trick:

A woman looks most imposing and distinguished in office attire. The formal corporate look could be a perfect recipe for catching the attention of any guy. A well ironed skirt, silky blouse and a sleek pair of bellies with pencil heels could conquer the heart of any man. It is not always about cleavage but poise can also be a fashion statement.

 A little formal trick ( Clothing styles for women )

7. Tight trousers to look curvier:

A pair of tight skinny trousers beats most of the other attires fair and square. The best part it is that trousers help in enhancing the figure and make your curves more predominant in other loose bottoms. Skin fit don’t hit hard on the pocket and provide a bundle of comfort and style. In addition, they go well with any trendy top or shirt.

Tight trousers to look curvier

6. Belted dresses and jumpsuits:

If you ask a man what he’d like to see a women wear, a belted dress or a jumpsuit will be a certain reply. A great clothing choice for women of all sizes – where belted dress would make you look more elegant and semi-formal, the jumpsuit will set you in a casual mood. A woman in belted dress or a jumpsuit will feel comfortable and also attract the attention of a man.

Belted dresses and jumpsuits

5. Let legs do the talking:

It is not always about “dressing-up”; in fact even “dressing-down” fashion statement works wonders. You could make your evening special or a day out comfortable in a beautiful skirt. You can wear long skirts if you don’t want to reveal your legs or you can slip into a lovely mini skirt. Make sure you have well toned legs.

Let legs do the talking

4. Off-shoulder shirts in fashion:

If you want to get a little casual and appear attractive to wow him, get into an off-shoulder shirt or tee. It is a surefire trick to attract attention of your man. You could make the evening more exciting by sporting a light make-up. Mind you, dressing styles  involve many aspects and one of them is “presentation”, and it is the most important for men.

Off-shoulder shirts in fashion

3. Some skin show for a cool move:

Revealing tops with deep curves attract more eyeballs than any other female attire. Most style gurus believe that a bit of skin show could add up to your chances of exerting a pull on your man. According to some international surveys, a woman with revealing outfit comes out as a winner hands down in the race for most elegantly dressed female. But make sure you don’t over expose because that can backfire.

Some skin show for a cool move ( Clothing styles for women )

2. Indian sari for elegance:

A traditional Indian sari styled with a pair of stilettos is a beautiful outfit to lure a guy. The sari texture can be a bit shiny to stand out in the crowd. A deeper neck blouse or a backless blouse can add to the style and charisma. Sari is the one of the most comfortable and imperial dress a women can wear, and it can be a unique way to spice up your image in your man’s eye.

Indian sari for elegance

1. Long gown for style:

The universal dilemma for every girl is related to the issue of perfect party wear. The quandary develops into a deeper concern as soon as other female friends come up with a sound solution for themselves. In such a predicament, the only apparel that could offer relief is a long gown with nicely embroidered boundaries. A woman not only looks graceful in a classic black gown, she also looks really attractive; rest is on how you carry yourself.

Long gown for style ( Clothing styles for women )

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