Top 10 business schools in the world

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2:35 pm 12 Aug, 2010

Although there are lot of prominent business schools to choose from, there are certain business schools that are considered to be among the best in the world. Here are ten best business schools according to their global exposure.

10. University Of Chicago:

Established in 1890 by American baptists and John D. Rockefeller this university is known for its interdisciplinary exposure to the corporate world with the trans formative power of ideas.

9. Stern School Of Business:

Commonly known as Stern, it was founded in 1900 by Charles Waldo Haskins.  Focusing on intensity of business it offers a broad spectrum to enhance education.

8. IE Business School:

Recognized to its loyalty for innovation and intent of corporate spirit, this school was established in 1973 by Diego del Alcazar. Located in Madrid, it has means to heighten your knowledge in a sophisticated environment.

7. MIT- Sloan:

Among one of the five schools of Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, MIT Sloan was introduced in 1914 as the engineering administration curriculum in the Department of Economics and Statistics of MIT. It has consistently worked to enhance corporate history with the ideas of advance management practice.


To set up an international, independent, diverse and entrepreneurial business school in Europe, INSEAD was founded in 1957 just three months after the Treaty of Rome. It was a private initiative by number of alumni from Harvard Business School.

5. Columbia Business School:

Usually known as Columbia University, it was founded in 1754 by royal charter of George II of Great Britain. It fosters real-world practice in collaboration with prominent business community. You will have value anywhere in world if graduated from this institute.

4. Stanford University:

Recognized as one of the leading universities of the world this university was founded in 1891 by Leland Stanford. Well nothing to discuss about its glory here but if desperate you can refer to the graduates, now owning Google, HP, Yahoo, Nvidia, Cisco Systems and many more world leading firms.

3. University Of Pennsylvania:

Conceptualization of Benjamin Franklin for a civilized future generation this university was established in 1791. Assortment of College of Philadelphia and University of the state of Pennsylvania is based on the conception “of what avail empty laws without good morals?”. It has consistently worked for pragmatism and inclusiveness in world education.

2. London Business School:

With the motto “To develop insights and leaders that have impact, London Business School was founded in 1964. Collaborated with University of London, it has emerged with its influential and exhaustive academic work.

1. Harvard Business School:

The most prestigious business school around the world. Dedicated to excellence, HBS came into existence in 1908 with strength of 59 students. Throughout its history, HBS has provided plenty of leaders in business field.

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