Top 10 BS Filled Arguments that Provoke You to Beat the Other Person

10:29 am 8 Jul, 2013

Everyone has been in a fight at one time or another, be it a verbal brawl or a throw-around of a few punches. There are those who can keep their cool in an argument and then there are those who just can’t seem to take the rational approach. They invariably come down to provocative comments and arguments that raise tempers of even the most patient. Their never-ending bickering can be a little too much for anyone’s endurance. If you know such a babbling moron, you know what we are talking about. Here is a list of the top 10 such banters that inspire one to beat the shit out of the other guy.

10. When someone (generally a senior) says, “Don’t give me an excuse”:

There are times when in a hot confrontation with, say, your boss, you try and rationalize a subject and assign a reason to it. But when a rationale and reasonable viewpoint fetches the response, “Don’t give me an excuse”, it is provocative enough to lead to violence. Some have thrown up whatever came readily into the hands at the moment in exasperation to deal with built up fury.

Don’t give me an excuse

9. The age old “The Egg or the Hen” adage:

Snubbing an argument by slipping in an ‘egg or hen first’ comment can prove very frustrating at a time when a heated conversation is underway. The reaction of the person confronted with the adage could lead to him or her either to pull ones hair or sometimes landing a couple of punches to settle the argument for good.

The Egg or the Hen

8. Name calling:

This type of argument actually shows that what all had to be said has been already said and time had arrived to rough it out for name calling is a loser’s way of arguing. Those using this as a resort are perfectly aware that they have lost the debate and are just trying to relieve their frustration. What they don’t realize is that this can easily lead to a few painful hours in the clinic. So go ahead, give them the treatment they deserve.

Name calling

7. Off the subject:

There are times when you are talking about apples and the opponent suddenly starts ranting about oranges. There is no relation between what he is saying and where the original topic started off. In such situations, many find it hard to contain ones fury. The more the opponent provokes by deviating from the topic at hand, the more it fuels ones anger to break point and often ends up in exchange of blows.

Off the subject

6. Blabbering when one gets beaten in an argument:

Many will simply just not accept that they are outdone by an adversary. Even upon realizing that one is caught with ones foot in the mouth, they would stop at nothing because of the fear of making a fool out of oneself. Stretching the meaningless argument too far can increase frustration levels to a point where one gets restless. The itching in the opponent’s mouth and your fist can only lead to one possible outcome: a verbal confrontation turning to a physical brawl.


5. “You too”:

This is probably the mother of all bull shitting comments to utter in the heat of the moment. Instead of attempting to sort out an argument in a rational and logical manner, a sudden provocative accusation thrown at someone, even in utter defense, could be dangerous territory to get into. One person shouting down, “You are a cheat”, getting the same reply back, may not always fall on deaf ears. To end the verbal dual often one is called upon to exercise physical force to settle the argument.

You too

4. Double false statements:

Being included to either sides of an argument, in which one has no stakes, may find one having to settle an issue by force of what was not his or her business. Like the case of being included in an argument where the opponent without any reason declares that you are either with a certain social practice or against it? You may have your reasons to withhold taking sides on the matter but you have been placed in no man’s land where one is uncomfortable. Against an dim witted person, such an argument can result in a fist slug out anytime.

Double false statements

3. “Prove it”:

Often it happens that the one you are arguing with challenges you to prove the falsehood of something when rationally he should be furnishing the proof. It is reverse psychological game at play and one falls into the trap. With either side shouting ‘Prove this’ or ‘prove that’ the argument can get to a point where there is nothing rational left to discuss but exchange some blows to put an end to it.

Prove it

2. Once wrong, always wrong:

Another argument with no coherent premise, this is also one increasingly used in losing debates. This has the assumption; if you utter anything wrong during an argument all your previous assertions are wrong too. While it brings out the foolishness of the adversary, what it actually does is just add fuel to the fire to ones anger.

Once wrong, always wrong

1. Freedom of Speech:

Most have faced this stupid and pathetically weak argument. Instead of admitting that the contentious point in the argument stand settled and there is nothing more left to add to the debate, the opponent taking defense in, “There is freedom of Speech and I can say whatever I want to” often leads to breakdown of all civility. While nobody would deny anybody of freedom of speech but misuse of the freedom can have many aftershocks with it.

Freedom of Speech

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