Top 10 brands of beer in world

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7:09 pm 24 Nov, 2010

Hey wait a second, everybody likes beer right? If you are a beer snoot then visit this page assigned for reviewing beers across the world. Nonetheless, Topyaps is featuring a list of ten most adored beers but can’t help you in understanding the actual taste. Drink ’em all and review our list!!

10. Chimay:

The art of smacking! This beer can be tasted in various flavors such as, Chimay Red, Chimay Blue, Chimay White, Chimay Golden etc. Made by monks in a monastery of Belgium, this balanced but interesting beer is fermented with grand reserve variety. The revenue earned from this beer is meant only for the betterment of monastery and for supporting some community projects.

9. Ursus:

One of the best selling Romanian beer in the world! Labeled with “King of beers in Romania”, this beer was founded in 1878 and since then it has fascinated the “drinking society” across the world. Famous for its strange but delicate taste, this gold colored liquid will sent a chill down your spine just after first couple of gulps.

8. San Miguel Pale Pilsen:

A satisfactory package for unpretentious drinkers! A salient feature of Philippine’s business and economy, this seductive beer is full of big, fat and transparent bubbles. However, no world class medal winner but literally a quality which can turn you off in a very impressive taste.

7. Miller Lite:

A drink which started the mainstream of light beer! The widespread availability of the beer is sufficient to explain that “Millions of people are not fool”. This classic product of Illinois is very smooth in flavor and light in color. Considered as one of the lightest beer in world, Miller Lite is widely adored by “thirst- quenching glasses”.

6. Corona Extra:

This is anything but effective! This little carbonated Mexican beer has made an image between world’s largest selling beers and clearly defines the every sense of tasting phrase. The piss color and soapy looking head of this beer hits in your guts till the next day hacking your physical system.

5. Guinness:

It’s futile to imagine Ireland without this beer. The robust, scary-dark color and good-balanced banana essence of this beer is well known for pouring the perfect pint in 119.5 seconds. It has extremely low level of carbonation and recalls you about the home made chocolate milk.

4. Jupiler:

A perfect illustration of everyday thirst-quencher! This cheap but smooth beer goes down so slowly that you can easily forget the toll of bottles. Jupiler is the first thing, visitors reach for whenever they are in Belgium. This typical beer is very good for a social talk among your fellas.

3. Carlsberg:

This Danish beer was started by J.C. Jacobsen in 1868. Considered as the heritage of Denmark, this beer with somewhat skunky bitterness helps you genuinely in the warm weather. This beer is polished with not so lightstruck quality but certainly gives a really nasty hangover, if consumed “adequately”.

2. Budweiser:

Total knockout package for beer snobs! If you are sweaty and want some beer, make sure it is a Budweiser. Radiance of a white wine and with the golden zippy carbonation, Budweiser’s sweetness gives way to a crisp and well-chosen finish with a smashing effect.

1. Heineken:

Thumbs up all the way! The most common and prominent brand of beer which can be encountered on the shelf of every beer shop. However, its appearance is pretty boring (victim of green bottle disease) but it’s the hallmark of lurched lagers across the world. Unlike any other beer, Heineken does not fill you up too much unless you grab the second one in first session.


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