Top 10 best video editing software

Video editing software is an application based software that allows the user to carry out the editing process on a computer (non-linear editing system). Video editing entails one of the “post-production” procedures which renders it complete . The other post-production tasks may include sound mixing , textual additions etc. Video editing can be achieved by means of “Linear video editing” or “Non-linear video editing”. Linear video editing technology involves sequential editing of the matter. Whereas , non-linear video editing involves non-destructive editing without following the particular sequence of events. Video editing software allows direct access to any fragmented frame. However the questions most users ask is “what video editing software can be used?” and “What determines the efficiency of a video editing software”? Here’s a list of Top 10 video editing software that have embraced cutting-edge technologies into helping their users achieve maximum satisfaction while working with computers for a variety of purposes, notably film-making, data presentation, business conventions and orientations.

10. Roxio Creator 2011:

Roxio Creator 2011 is a video editing software that does justice to 3D videos. The Video-work is handled by “VideoWave” which lets the user arrange clips on timeline, add music, titles etc. The MyDVD feature also has a significant part to play in the final burning of the output. It takes the final cut from the source and prepares it for final production. It also enables the users to make a hybrid photograph in 3D.

Top 10 best video editing software: Roxio Creator 2011

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9. Magix Movie Edit Pro 2012:

The latest entrant into the world of 3D modeling, Magix Movie Edit Pro ensures that moviemaking can be achieved in 3D. It is certainly a win-win for movie making enthusiasts who want nothing short of brilliance. This video editing software offers the user an option of “Multicam editing” which involves shooting a particular sequence with two different angles and editing them into a single shot to give the feel of a movie.

Top 10 best video editing software: Magix Movie Edit Pro


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8. DVD Movie Factory:

DVD Movie Factory chances to be one of the rare softwares that is capable of burning both Blu-Ray and HD DVD disc formats. There is flexibility regarding the storage format. Filled with template options, this video editing software allows the user to change template as per convenience as the software provides an opening sequence. The software allows the user to gain the flow of activities in the video. Apart from the aforementioned editing options, it is also useful in creating DVD menus and supports other disc-burn operations.

Top 10 best video editing software: DVD Movie Factory

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7. Windows Movie Maker 2011:

If it involves home-made videos, it has to be on a Windows Movie Maker video editing software. The Windows Live team have done a commendable job in making the video-editing process simple. The producers did away with the lesser used features in order to add a great deal of convenience for people who are unaware of the knowhow of video-editing. The interface is no longer a hassle and it enables people to carry out “trimming” and “joining” procedures with relative ease.

Top 10 best video editing software: Windows Movie Maker 2011

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6. MoviePlus:

Flexibility is what determines the excellence behind this product’s functioning. Sold for a reasonable price, Movieplus is a notable video editing software which includes a revolutionary screen layout specifically cut-out to fit video editing needs, for instance the cut-paste option. The Timeline has buttons readily available to assist the users on the most widely used tools. It’s connectivity to the most popular video platforms over the world ensures that the user has to waste minimal time in uploading it after the rendering process is done.

Top 10 best video editing software: MoviePlus

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5. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 12:

Ease of use and bonus of special effects theme. Need one say more? One of the best in the business incorporating third-party functionality and tiny bits of enhancements that make it an enjoyable software to work with. It is a boon for novices with a tab based approach. A little heavy on the pocket but it certainly qualifies as a “must-have” for those who are foraying into the video editing line.

Top 10 best video editing software: Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate

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4. Adobe Premier Elements 10:

Adobe Premier Elements 10 is one of the rare softwares that is beneficial to both Mac and Windows users. The functionality enables one to correct flaws in audio/video in a more simplistic manner, instead of going through the usual tiresome procedures. The export options of Adobe Premier Elements 10 is notable as it allows direct uploading to sites like YouTube. The “Storyboard” mode of edit is to help the ones newly oriented with video-editing and the “Timeline” mode of edit is the domain of the experienced video editors.

Top 10 best video editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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3. Corel VideoStudio Pro X4:

This video editing software is extremely efficient and does not mess with the computer’s speed. The software ensures full advantage of the computer’s video cards, onboard memory and RAM. One of the most crucial features of this software is the ability to isolate individual clips and splice them together. Also a notable feature is the high quality transition effects and amazing playback capabilities that allow the user to peruse through the creation before finally rendering it. The ease of use makes it another great acquisition and is a must have for budding entrants into the world of film-making.

Top 10 best video editing software: Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

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2. Sony Vegas Pro 10:

A plethora of new functions that do not require any specific add-ons. One of them being, the editing of stereoscopic 3D projects. The “Trimmer” allows working with one frame at a time. This video editing software software was an overall improvement over its predecessors in-terms of GPU accelerated AVC/H.264 decoding. By far, the newest feature in Sony Vegas Pro 10 is the image stabilizer feature. The image stabilizer feature was earlier restricted to softwares like “After Effects”. Overall, Sony Vegas Pro 10 is a complete package in terms of high performance.

Top 10 best video editing software: Sony Vegas Pro 10

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1. CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Deluxe:

Aimed at professionals, by professionals. This video editing software ensures amazing editing options for HD videos, photos and audio options. The thing that catapults this software to the top is the capability to render the final output without slowing down the computer. Some of the major challenges posed by a variety of video editing softwares is the incompetence when it comes to the final rendering. Many softwares crash while the process is in progress, while others may force the computer to hang (even while carrying out minor edits). This version of PowerDirector being the fastest ensures top-notch performance.

Top 10 best video editing software: CyberLink PowerDirector 10

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