Top 10 Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

10:56 am 10 Jun, 2013

Game of Thrones: Well, where to begin? This is one fantastically written novel by George R.R. Martin and even more majestically adapted by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The sheer multitude of twists to the original plot and the absolutely brilliant performances by the artists are, by all means, capable enough to blow one away. Add to this the mystical settings of the times and rising tension with each episode and you have got one hell of a drama on air. There are endless aspects of the series one may like but just to sum up, we have brought to you our own perception of the top 10 best things about it.

10. The plot settings and the characters:

The plot settings and most of the characters in the Game of Thrones are broadly based on European history spanned across a large geographical and chronological frame such as the English War of Roses. Most of the Westeros is also based on Medieval Europe, making the plot a lot grander as does the creation of an alternate history tweaking and combining historical facts, figures and locations. All this makes the show an interesting watch.

The plot settings and the characters - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

9. The dark tone:

The dark tone of the plot combined with the fantasy settings adds into a mystic genre for the show. With an average of 14 deaths per episode, the drama series sort of keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what the next turn in the plot would be. The dark tone actually proves to be a tool to glue you to the show, demanding more with each new episode.

The dark tone - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

8. Epic fantasy theme:

With hardly anyone out there not harboring fantasies of an epic battle, this theme has proved to the most important USP of the series. It has taken the trend of themes based on fantasy worlds to a new high and also has been responsible for exponential increase in the sales of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novels. It has also led to an increase in the plot ideas and storylines being designed along such themes, making TV and Silver screen that much more interesting.

Epic fantasy theme

7. The performances:

The brilliant acting talents garnered for the series from a predominantly British and Irish actor groups has been a pillar of strength too. Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe already. The performances by the women and child actors have also been critically acclaimed. Maisie Williams, 14, has been receiving particularly high praise for her portrayal of Arya Stark. All in all, the actors are worth the attention they are getting.

The performances - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

6. The show’s title sequence:

Besides being beautifully compiled, the title sequence of the show is actually a help for the viewers. It provides a context to the show providing relative distances between the numerous locations that the show portrays. Without these insights, it would really be a daunting task to understand the plot movement in its entirety.

The show’s title sequence - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

5. The twists and turns:

The sheer unexpectedness of the twists in the plot is probably what most of the avid followers of the show would praise the most. The show, at times, sends across the message, ‘No One is Safe’. Be it Sansa’s wretched situation, Khal Drogo’s stillborn baby with birth defects hinting at dragon blood in his veins or Drogo being smothered to death by Daenerys, this is one story that never pans out as expected. And that is the brilliance of it.

The twists and turns - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

4. The badass nature of characters:

The story of Game of Thrones teaches us the value of badassdom. With every character receiving threats from almost every possible point, they are shown to be on their toes at every moment. Plenty of back stabbing and last minute revelations on the plot thickens it with every passing episode and even those victorious find their triumphs shallow. In such an environment, what else can you do but be a badass.

The badass nature of characters - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

3. The magic and mystical settings:

While for some people it may be too fantastic to digest, the magic and mystic nature of the show is an integral and substantial part of it. With stuff like dragons and voodoo woven right into the fabric of the storyline, it is just going to get more and more esoteric with passing episodes. Though the characters project modernity in their approach that is quite befitting the times we live in. Remember it is still a mystical land they inhabit. So these mystic elements will always be there.

The magic and mystical settings - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

2. The way minor players are transformed into game changers:

One of the most important aspects of this show is that every character, however minuscule he or she may seem, ultimately plays a big role in the larger scheme of things. It just surprises as to how a pawn in the game sets out to play an intricate role only to thicken the plot. Characters that may not attract a second glance may turn out to be important and those seemingly major may be killed off at a moment’s notice.

The way minor players are transformed into game changers - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

1. The sexposition:

Being a hot-blooded viewer, you have got to admit that the exposure in the show does have an appeal, and a very unique and engaging one at that. Though it all adds up to give the viewers a feel of what the World of Westeros is like, it at times seems a tad too much. Even when juxtaposed with the sexual elements in the original novels, they appear to be more of a narrative convenience and a means to keep one coming back. Say what one may, it does add a certain spice to the drama and makes for an interesting watch.

The sexposition - Best Things about Watching Game of Thrones

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