Top 10 Best Makeup Brushes To Glam-up Quickly

11:07 am 30 Sep, 2013

Are you planning to upgrade your make-up collection? Have you bought all the necessary stuff? Well, maybe you have all the lip-colors and powders in your kitty but the most important thing that every girl needs to glam her look up are the brushes. If your make-up brushes are not the right type, all your efforts can go for a toss in seconds. There are so many makeup brushes available in the market that anyone can easily get confused about what to choose and what to leave. However, if you want that right kind of look always, you have to be very clever while choosing your brushes. Light or heavy makeup, a line of brush can make all the difference. Below is a list of top ten makeup brushes you definitely need to have in your makeup arsenal. They will not only make you look glamorous but also add that extra confidence in your personality.

10. Foundation Brush:

This is one of the most important ingredients in your kitty. Choose the perfect foundation brush for your face and skin. If you apply foundation with the wrong kind of brush, it can leave patches on your skin and make you look awful. Always look for a foundation brush with bristles tightly compiled in the front, which will help you in applying the fluid with consistency. Additional tip is to dip your brush in warm water and squeeze it on the towel before using it.

Foundation Brush

9. Powder Brush:

A powder brush should always be soft and light in texture. Use this one instead of a puff while applying powder to your face. A puff doesn’t let the powder scatter all over the face and makes it stick at a single place in a thick consistency, which will make your skin look shady. Dip your brush in the powder and tap off the excess, after that apply in circular motions all over your face.

Powder Brush

8. Flat Eye Brush:

This is the most frequently used brush in your makeup kitty. Choose a flat stiff brush to apply color on your eye-lids. This will help in sticking the color on your eyes and not smudging it. These brushes usually have the stiff bristles, which help them in taking the right amount of color and applying it in symmetry. You can also use it for giving that smudgy look beneath your lashes.

Flat Eye Brush

7. Mineral Powder Brush:

Have you always wondered about how the celebrities get that glittery mineral look with perfection? If yes, then your answer is the mineral powder brush. This one helps in scattering the mineral on your cheeks with utmost perfection. Use this brush for the high-end parties and trust me, everyone will ask you about your secret.

Mineral Powder Brush

6. Face contour Brush:

The face contour brush is flat and round in shape. It is used for the cheekbones on your face. This brush helps you in applying the right amount of color on your cheekbones. Additional tip is to use it in circular motions with light hands. You can also use this one to apply gels, creams or powder. If you master using this brush, then your face makeup can never go wrong!

Face contour Brush

5. Eyeliner Brush:

This is the most user-friendly brush, which will help you in your routine makeup. The eyeliner brush helps you in giving that perfect line of kajal or color on your eyes. To use it, press it hard on the inner side of your eye and draw a straight line. You can even use this brush to add color on the tips of your eyes.

Eyeliner Brush

4. Lip Brush:

The lip brush will give you the perfect lip color in symmetry. It can be used for both the liquid and the gel colors. To use this brush, dip it in the lipstick and start applying it from the center of your lips. You can also use this one to give your lips an outline with a darker shade.

Lip Brush

3. Dual Eyebrow Brush:

The dual eyebrow brush is a perfect buy for your eyebrows. It has a spiral thing on one end and flat bristles on the other end. The spiral one helps in managing the unruly hair in your eyebrows and the flat bristles help in filling up the gaps with color. It is an absolute necessity in your makeup kitty as good and dark eyebrows always help a lot in enhancing your facial beauty.

Dual Eyebrow Brush

2. Bent Liner Brush:

This one is specially designed for the use of the gel eye-liners. If you want that glossy line in winged shape, you have to have this one in your arsenal. The bent style of this brush helps you in giving those perfect cat eyes.

Bent Liner Brush

1. Camouflage Brush:

The camouflage brush is used to apply concealer below your eyes. It helps in hiding the dark spots and makes the skin look even-toned. This one is specially used to camouflage the areas with discoloration on your skin.

Camouflage Brush

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