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Top 10 best art colleges in the world

Compiled is a list of the top ten art colleges in the world. Irrespective of the economy, art graduates have always had it rough with the amount of competition in the field. Having the name of a good art college on your CV speaks volumes about your ability. It is a reference to possible employers of your potential and exposure to the highest class of artistic study. Moreover, graduates from good art colleges inspire confidence as they appear dedicated and experienced with the numerous facets of art in a reputable college. Another reason, the best art colleges are familiar with the latest tools of learning, updated on the happenings in the art world and maintain a faculty ensemble of the most respected figures in the business.  Students applying to good art colleges should understand the facilities offered and how they can avail of them to further their career.


10. Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art – University of Oxford:

This art college offers a three year BFA course for students to work in studios in collaborative endeavors with their peers from Oxford’s other courses. Oxford aims to parent their students into independent, mature thinkers with a contemplative outlook on contemporary art. An ambitious, stimulating atmosphere motivates students to study and build a strong structure to utilize the best resources of the school, which include group interaction and tête-à-tête time with visiting artists and tutors.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: Ruskin School of drawing and Fine Art

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9. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design:

CSM is a union of an art college and a cultural center that inspires and stirs the creative mind of its students with the help of talented staff. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees, taught by experts in the field and accompanied by associate lecturers. The CSM library receives regular visitors for its large and assorted collection of books and periodicals on art, design, fashion and culture as well is favorable for its incredible collection of DVDs that students can rent or watch on the library’s televisions. The college’s presence is vibrantly felt in the many shows, publications, research materials and events it sanctions in the desire to make it one of the country’s cultural capitals. Participation is expected from the thriving arts and design community in partnership with the student and staff body.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: CSM

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8. The Art Institute of Chicago:

A world famous college associated with a renowned museum within which one can admire the artworks like the American Gothic by Grant Wood. The college’s education is diverse; it combines studio instruction with traditional handiwork, meaning exposure to figure modeling and weaving looms. Students can also avail of updated facilities like computer woodworking routers. Educational staff is practicing professionals who are acquainted with a multidisciplinary curriculum. With an interdisciplinary system, students are motivated to take different classes and the expertise acquired will count for their major. In an atmosphere that demands hard work and innovation, testing one’s limits in the path of self-discovery is lauded.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: The Art Institute of Chicago

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7. Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV):

This prestigious art institute is a thriving foundation immersed in encouraging education in Languages, Literature, Arts, Civilizations, Humanities and Social Sciences. The University is reputed for its rich culture and tradition as well as its accumulation of quality researchers and employees, who develop the University’s scientific reputation by their regular contribution to publications. Adaptation to the latest advancements and maintaining an environment of free thought and self-improvement helps the students to progress in their field. The University’s Cultural Department endeavors to make it the cultural center of Paris, supporting the participation of students in nearly hundreds of events such as concerts, meetings, debates, exhibitions, projections and representations which attract a large public attendance. Students receive aid in many forms for their activities, from financial to technical assistance.  Workshops organized by the Department are pertinent to the studies; both the traditional and original workshops (poetic and narrative writing workshops) hone the student’s talents.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: Universite Paris Sorbonne IV

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6. Oslo National Academy of the Arts:

Norway’s largest college for art students with 550 seats available, employing 200 faculty members and an additional 900 guest teachers and other teachers on short term contracts. Each staff member is a learned and venerated practitioner in their field. Currently, 24 programs are outlined for study at The Faculty of Performing Arts, The Department of Design, Visual Arts and The Art Academy; the four divisions of the Academy. The Academy sponsors a variety of cultural activities in different themes that attract the public’s attention to the college’s innovation.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: The Oslo National Academy of the Arts

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5. Edinburgh College of Art:

Living up to its international status as one of the most flourishing art colleges in Europe, with programs designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. It promotes the creation and understanding of theories from the art, architecture, design and other related fields. This art college offers exceptional opportunities in artistic pursuits and research in a friendly, collaborative environment. Talented students can display their work in many exhibitions that have a large visitor attendance. For instance, The Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show is praised as a cultural highlight of the capital whilst its Degree Show is the biggest gallery showing of the remarkable work of graduating designer, artists and architects. Excellent facilities present a space for students to communicate ideas, mingle and laboriously create for their degree. Practice-oriented degree programs have the benefit of studio spaces and specialist technology. Students share resources like the printmaking, metal and wood-working workshops.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: Edinburgh College of Art

(img source: edinburgharchitecture.co.uk)

4. Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf:

One of Germany’s most premier art schools suited for the elite as evident from its school motto, “For our students only the best.” It offers students a strong faculty to teach film, video architecture, sculpture, integrate fine arts, painting and photography. Workshops run by experienced technical teachers guide and inspire students to perform incredible works. The painting course is in-depth, with the students given a choice to delve into a spectrum of painting concepts under the supervision of talented artists. Complementing the teaching is The Academy Gallery that showcases amazing exhibitions under exciting topics. Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf awards scholarships to deserving students after the jury decides on the most innovative and committed group of artists. Famous international artists such as Thomas Demand, Joseph Beuys, and Andreas Gursky are among the respected alumni of the college.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world

(img source: fi.wikipedia.org)

3. California Institute of the Arts:

Established by famous duo Walt and Roy Disney, it is the US’s first college to underline an undergraduate and graduate course in the performance and visual art. The faculty is successful professionals who mentor their students to reach their potential and are involved in the numerous programs. CalArts’ students from the Graphic Design and Animation classes can invent in their own private cubicle without disturbances. The college is known for its amiable and unified atmosphere, students from all majors mingle in one building and the interaction is beneficial, especially for building business contacts. Rather than grades, the focus is on results, quality and developing in the field. Relative smallness of the classes allows for personalized attention.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: California Institute of the Arts

(img source: ny-artstudio.blogspot.in)

2. Rhode Island School of Design:

Its graduate program was ranked number one in the US News and World Report. Students can pursue their masters and bachelor degree under the categories of design, architecture, fine arts and art education majors. The most coveted being a master program in fine arts where students can specialize in a range of subjects like sculpture, photography, graphic design etc. It has well- equipped studio classes presided by well-informed faculty. Present on the RISD campus is an amazing art museum dedicated to art enlightenment and appreciation through various programs such as lectures, tours, exhibitions, workshops and publications. The most famous RISD alumni is Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the animated series Family Guy.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: Rhode Island School of Design

(img source: ny-artstudio.blogspot.in)

1. Royal Academy of Arts:

The oldest college in Britain, offering one of the most extensive studies in art and design, and features the oldest life drawing studio in the country. Students learn from distinguished artists, theorists and practitioners, receiving lecturers and interacting personally in the examination of art. The college offers a customized and focused manner of study that is assisted with work in technical and research facilities. Studies can immerse themselves in different art mediums like painting, digital media, installation and time-based art, or choosing to try new technology like the digital media workstations. It is solely for the most talented due to limited seats and no tuition fees.

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Top 10 best art colleges in the world: Royal Academy of Arts

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