Top 10 Benefits of Vegetarian Food

10:00 am 20 Feb, 2013

Being vegetarian is in fashion today, and perhaps for all the right reasons. It is easier for the body to digest; takes lesser time to cook; is healthier; saves your money; and, also helps you remain more energetic. Vegetables are the need of the hour, both for our healthy living and for the environment. Read on for an elaborate description about the top 10 benefits of eating vegetarian food.

10. Improved cardiovascular function:

Unlike vegetarian food all meat and other non-vegetarian food is a source of saturated fatty acids, Veggies contain much lower to almost negligible quantity of these unhealthy fats. Unsaturated fatty acids often lead to blockage in the arteries, which can easily be avoided by switching to a vegetarian diet, high in fiber.

Improved cardiovascular function

9. Improved metabolism:

Vegetarian food is easier to digest and keeps the metabolism of a person in good state. Also, the resting metabolism rate (RMR) in people with vegetarian diet is much higher. RMR has a direct relation with the metabolism of a person, the higher the RMR, the more quickly it burn fats, and the slower it is, the longer it takes to burn calories.

Improved metabolism

8. Increased life span:

Although there are several factors that would attribute to an increased lifespan, eating vegetarian food is one factor you can manipulate. The more vegetables and fruits you eat, the lesser is the toxin and chemical build up in the body, thus enabling a larger number of healthy years and a longer life span.

Increased life span

7. Lower risk of cancer:

Vegetarian diet is normally rich in antioxidants, phytocehmicals, and vitamins and minerals, which help develop greater resistance to many serious ailments like cancer. The white blood cells of people eating a vegetarian diet are more effective in fighting against diseases; their immunity levels are relatively stronger.

Lower risk of cancer

6. Lower shopping bills:

If you compare the average cost of vegetarian food with non-vegetarian food, you’ll see that vegetarian food is definitely less expensive. Yes, sometimes the prices of specific vegan foods can be expensive, but that is offset by the low price of most seasonal fruits and vegetables you consume.

Lower shopping bills

5. Lower risk of diabetes:

Meat eaters generally experience extreme levels of blood sugar, sometime too high, just after eating. This can be avoided and a constant stream of blood sugar can be maintained if you switch over to a vegetarian diet. A healthy vegetarian diet is easy to digest and at the same time, nutritious and has far less fatty acids.

Lower risk of diabetes

4. Healthy skin:

For a healthy skin you need to eat the right amount of vitamins and minerals and also drink plenty of water. Vegetarian fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and also have plenty of antioxidants. They are water based, and eating them raw can further improve the intake of healthy nutrients. Some of these foods also are rich sources of antioxidants that help you stay disease free, with healthier skin.

Healthy skin

3. Chemical free food:

Yes, sometime the presence of fertilizer residue from overuse may introduce chemicals even in your vegetarian food, but if you stick to an organic diet, the chances of the same are nil. Even meat eaters tend to take in more chemicals because to animals bred for the purpose of consumption are injected with hormones and other chemicals, which the body retains.

Chemical free food

2. Lower blood pressure:

Non-vegetarian food generally has high amounts of fatty acids and also has more sodium content, which results in high blood pressure. Compared to it, vegetarian diet is low on sodium and much lower in fatty acids. Also, vegetarian food if cooked in healthier oils, drastically reduce the chances of high blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure

1. High fiber content:

Vegetables and fruits are generally high in fiber, which is essential for proper digestion. It helps in improving the metabolism of the body, helps in quick elimination of toxins and chemicals, preventing their build up in the body. Also, vegetarian foods are generally water-based and help you maintain the required liquids in the body.

High fiber content

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