Top 10 Benefits of Spending Life Alone

10:00 am 8 Mar, 2013

In a world where everyone seems to want people around them, and where you family and friends always keep pestering you to have a family, sticking by your decision to spend your life alone comes with plenty of hardships. Even when you know this life is more creative, fulfilling and enjoyable, convincing others of its pleasures and freedom is a tough job. The better way out is to ignore what they say, and materialize the happy single life you’ve chosen for yourself. And, just in case they keep hanging over your head, make them read this following list of the top 10 benefits of spending life alone.

10. Stress free living:

Have you ever wondered what stresses humans the most? Well, mostly it is relationships with other humans.  It’s about being responsible to others, taking care of them and spending time with them. An indispensable part of this is regular conflicts, clashes and fights that cause stress and agony. Putting your friends, colleagues, family members away momentarily make you feel easy with yourself, keeping you stress free.

Stress free living - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

9. Ultimately you’ll be alone:

Is there anything you can hold on to for an eternity? It’s fairly difficult to answer this question. They say man comes alone and goes alone. The span in between the two is meant to acquire and relationships and material things, but setting standards to what’s acceptable is ridiculous. Ultimately, all that one chooses will be left behind. In this choice also comes the freedom to spend your life with interest you like, and not solely as a social and family person.

Ultimately you’ll be alone - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

8. No rules, you’re a Butterfly:

When you live alone there are no rules to follow. Of course, living alone means you have to be more disciplined, but at no point will you be forced to live by the standards set by others. You play when you want, you eat when you want, you may choose to sleep early or late, wake up early or late, but it’s all going to be the way you’re comfortable, and not because you household rules demand you to do so.

No rules, you’re a Butterfly - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

7. Get extreme:

Your life is precious to people around you, and starting a family means the degree is likely to increase when you have a life partner and kids to look after. Living alone means you can pack your bags, and go out to the wilderness. Go hiking, kayaking, paragliding, climb Mount Everest, or do anything that is extreme and wild. It’s all about liberating yourself by trying everything new, and everything that risks your life in one form or another.

Get extreme - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

6. Independence:

Living alone teaches you the art of self-reliance, a worthy goal to pursue. An independent lifestyle can be more productive and fulfilling. You can remain focused on a single goal and pursue it with your whole heart. All your attention can be kept devoted to the tasks in hand. The urge to survive well gives you a sense of better management of your time and resources.

Independence - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

5. Rediscover your creativity:

It’s there in all of us, we can guarantee. We can all create magnificence, but it may not always come out when you’re surrounded by people. The thought of living alone gives you a chance to think about things you’d like doing most, and also gives you the courage to try. There’s no one to judge your creativity, and this makes things much easier. No one’s watching you, so play around as you wish.

Rediscover your creativity - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

4. Get a pet:

Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be without a companion. Pets are great company. Living with them means you give and take love, but without going on an emotional roller coaster ride. They hardly interfere in your life, judge it, or even condemn it. Take for example dogs; they’re all so organically happy. No matter what time of the day you come back home, they juiced up.

Get a pet - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

3. Unlimited freedom:

Walking around the house naked or taking a bath with the door of the bathroom open are a few things that cannot be done with people around. You can watch unlimited games of soccer, or even watch porn on the big LCD in your living room, without housemates condemning you.  You can also fart out loud, or sneeze with all your energy, there’ll be no one to feel disgusted about such things.

Unlimited freedom - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

2. Inhuman hours:

By inhuman hours we mean late nights, so late they finish when its morning. Weekends in particular are times to get wasted, even if you’re alone at home. You can keep partying, playing games on the computer, or even work till the wee hours of the day, without anyone objecting. Its’ about creating your own comfort zone and living within it the way you want.

Inhuman hours - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

1. Time to be who you are:

They say it’s difficult to be who you are! Living with others, meeting their expectations means you lose a lot. And it becomes even harder when all you have around is people who criticize your creativity, your ideas, your lifestyle, and your ambitions. They dislike the poems you write, the songs you sing, the tattoos you get, the career you choose, and pets you have. Spending the life alone, makes you the King!

Time to be who you are - Benefits of Spending Life Alone

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