Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

7:47 am 25 Sep, 2013

Waking up early and going out for a morning walk is one of the best habits that you can acquire. No other single habit has so much transformational power to your day as a morning walk does. It will completely change the way your whole day goes and the way you look at things. You must have read that the secret is to think positive but you might not know that one of the easiest way to encourage positive thinking is to start the day correctly with a good morning walk followed by a healthy breakfast. There are many benefits of waking up early and going out for a walk, from which we’re bringing to you the top 10.

10. Great Start to the Day:

Morning walk is a great way to start the day. It will make you get up early and start the day earlier than usual. Instead of waking up late and then hurrying off to work without really waking up fully, you’ll be fresh and awake when you get to the office. You’ll be cheerful and in a good mood to get the work started and won’t feel like you are drudging through the day.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

9. Freshen Up the Mind:

Waking up early and going for a walk will freshen up the mind. The fresh morning air and the rising sun along with the birds chirping provide the best environment to wake up the brain. You’ll think clearly and won’t be stressed about small things anymore. By the end of each day we accumulate a lot of thoughts and worries and when we wake up late and hurry off to work we never really get time to unload the mind. Morning walk gives us this opportunity.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

8. Physical Exercise:

The most obvious benefit of morning walk is the benefit of physical exercise that you’ll get. If you are busy and don’t find time to join a gym then morning walk can be a great way to get started. You don’t need any special equipment or gym membership to start on the road to fitness and weight loss. It can all start with a simple morning walk routine.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

7. Beat Stress:

The physical exercise will also help you beat stress. Make sure that you are not just strolling around but walking briskly. The goal should be to sweat a little. This physical exertion releases stress busting chemicals in our brain. Morning walk can be like a daily dose of happy pills without the nasty side effect of addiction of drugs.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

6. Time to Plan the Day:

The morning walk is also a good time to plan the day. If you find yourself just being pushed along the day without a sense of direction or focus then morning walk is a must for you. It will help you take a step back and think about the commitments you have. Prioritize what you want to do in the day and plan when you are going to do what. You’ll be surprised how well your day goes if you plan it in the morning.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

5. Clear Thinking:

You can also plan your day the night before but your thinking isn’t clear at that time. You are tired and just want to go to sleep. Morning walk gives you a clear mind that you can use to plan your day, your life and think about your relationships and other problems in some clarity. It’s a very good way of spending some alone time with your thoughts.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

4. Socialize:

If you don’t like being alone then, you can form a group of morning walkers and socialize. Make new friends or ask old friends to join you. You can also ask your family members to join you for morning walk and it can be a great time to bond with the family before everyone gets busy with their day.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

3. Energy All Day:

Some people think that exerting physically right in the morning will lead to lethargy through out the day. These people can’t be any more wrong. Morning walks will actually give you energy for the rest of the day. If you wake up late and head straight to work, you’ll stay sleepy all day long. Morning walk actually energizes you and you won’t be tired at least till evening.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

2. Improved Appetite:

One reason why you get energy from morning walk is that it gives you the appetite and the time to have a decent breakfast. Most people who wake up late skip breakfast or eat something light in a hurry. A good healthy breakfast is the most important thing to have a good energized day. Morning walk will improve your appetite and you’ll enjoy breakfast more.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

1. Positivity:

All these benefits of morning walk combine to make you more positive. If you are fitter and eating healthy and thinking clearly and beating stress daily then obviously you’ll be more positive during the day. If the secret to success is positive thinking than the secret to positive thinking is morning walk.

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Walk

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