Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

10:02 am 1 Oct, 2013

Gossiping doesn’t carry the reputation of being a healthy habit; a gossiper is considered sort of bitching machine, at the base of which lies jealousy ridden hatred. People lose friends, clients and even sugar-coated relationships because of this nasty habit. Dr. Alban, a Nigerian musician says, “Enemies carry gossip, ignorant people spread them, fools take it and accept it, fools! Fools.” But, there’s more to it. But, before you conceive a belief that it’s all evil, take a look at the other side of this coin; the positive side. Yes, there’s one. Take a look at 10 benefits of gossiping:

10. Amusing time-killer:

It’s ‘mobile’ entertainment; one without gadgets. And, is it not better to gossip instead of killing your time like a boring nut? You’ll come across many such occasions like waiting for train, bus, or for a person when you’ll find it hard to kill time. Try gossiping. You won’t notice how minutes (and even hours) click.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

9. Behavioral improvements:

Lack of manners and inappropriate reactions at a social gathering are the most loved and catchy subjects for any gossip. For instance, a group of people might find it really amusing to ridicule the manner you sip wine. A gossip with connoisseurs in the art of social grace would tell you such manners that you’d never hear of otherwise; you’ll thank God for having learned them without being the victim to the predators feeding on gossips.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

8. Social Bonding (Be the person everyone considers as ‘charming’):

Have you heard of the concept of reciprocal trust in social surroundings? To be brief, gossip with people, even in unknown settings can help nourish mutual trust. Gossiping encourages social bonding. You gossip with the people whom you trust and are comfortable with. A gossip with a stranger at a bar might turn out to be more than temporary. Gossip can help create long term social acquaintances. “Gossip gets a bad rap, but we’re finding evidence that it plays a critical role in the maintenance of social order,” said UC Berkeley social psychologist Robb Wille.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

7. Gossiping is equal to feedback:

Gossips are like overflowing tanks of verbosity, which get uncontrollable for chronic gossipers. In such a state, they speak of things your other pals or colleagues at office think and say about you. Even an iota of truth in such statements can really help you carry out some self-analysis. It can be life changing for some people. Many long-standing mess-ups can come to a happy end if you get to know about the ‘repelling elements’ in your personality. No one would have dared to spit it out on your face directly.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

6. Get the message out:

Gossiping girls are like a social networking site. If you wish to spread an indirect message to people around you, tell a gossip girl or guy, and tell them not to mention it to anyone; they’ll tell it to everyone and also tell them to keep it secret. So, actually no one comes out to take responsibility for the results of a rumor. Your premeditated plan can therefore be executed to perfection. In a way, gossiping is a mind game, which you can control to a great extent in order to make some changes around you.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

5. Makes you feel easy when you think the world is coming to an end:

A study by psychologists at the University of Amsterdam suggests that encouraging gossiping at workplaces can help relieve the stress on employees, and gossip has the power to force even the laziest of all employees to contribute and perform better.  For instance, at a professional level, gossip would relieve you of stress the very moment you realize you aren’t the only one who is having trouble dealing with the boss. Suddenly, you’d find yourself in the same boat. Even if the boat is sinking, you’d want to look at it as a fun-ride! That’s what gossiping can do, got it?

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

4. It can save your ass!

As I mentioned earlier, gossip is a double-edged sword. It can be malicious or it can benefit you in a variety of ways. All you need to do is to learn the tricks. In many cases, gossips would help you create outline of the environment and people around you. If chit-chats with a colleague or friend indicate a negative impression in gossipers’ mind, there must be some rock-solid reason. The bad guys – they are always bitching about others. Save your ass by not telling them any of your secrets. The good guys, well, they can judge YOU to be the bad guy if you bitch about others (even if it’s the bad guys!).

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

3. Tune into the Gossip Information Broadcast:

No doubt, it’s the quickest way to get details about a particular person, topic or common opinions. Any topic can make a good subject for chattering. You’ll be served with a thrilling shake of lies, borrowed opinions and truth. If you aren’t among those who get opinionated easily, a gossip can get you a lot of data you want to collect. How do you think journalists collect NEW news stories every day? Amidst ruthlessly competing employees in a professional world, it’ll help you identify your foes and friends. So, you can be better equipped for the competition. Same thing is applicable to social relationships and social status.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

2. Automated Catharsis:

Sharing is an integral part of many behavioral therapies in psychology. You might have read a lot of stuff about the positive effects of sharing views, opinions, complaints, pains and sorrows, and your pride. When you are bitching about someone, you’re actually releasing the pressure built-up over many days due to hate or jealously. A lot of anger on your boss, which you can’t otherwise react to on his face, might have got repressed for last couple of years. It needs to be released into the cosmos. Your mind cannot hold tons of that stuff. Gossiping is indeed a sort of catharsis that brings out negativity and helps relieve you of these negative impressions.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

1. Reach out to your sub-conscious:

If you really wish to know your real face – your weaknesses, desires, causes of jealousies or hatred grooming inside you, then gossiping is the solution I’d recommend. Take halt in between of a really malicious or bitching gossip, and you’ll begin to see the loopholes in your perception of the world and people around you. At a subconscious level, every concept is simple and direct. It’s the sub-conscious where ego manipulates your real self. Those hidden concepts make way for gossips.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gossiping

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