Top 10 Benefits Of Being An Introvert

9:36 am 12 Aug, 2013

No! Not the brooding types, always suspected for breeding conspiracies, introverts just by keeping to themselves make a crowded world a quieter place to be in. They may not be good communicators, or just choose not to communicate with colleagues, friends or family, but being an introvert does have its own set of advantages. Here we make a case for you about 10 benefits of being an introvert.

10. More Humane and Morally Correct:

In an increasingly wired global community, where actual social contact is on the decline and presence on social media networks is used to define new found statuses, being an introvert is much more humane and beneficial as the need for being networked socially or on social media in minimal.

More Humane and Morally Correcto changed the world.

9. Best Bet for One-To-One Conversations:

Often out of place in large groups, one would find introverts very good company in a one-on-one conversations. It’s very valuable to interact with such people who are high on reclusive nature for they can bring many out of the box ideas in front of you. Also, they are more inclined by nature to genuinely help a person. They are more empathetic and kind-hearted towards other’s cause than what extroverts usually do.

Best Bet for One-To-One Conversations

8. Thinking Players with Innovative Choices:

With sufficient company to oneself, more introverts turn out to be thinkers as they are able to find time for daring out of box ideas. Rarely will you find an introvert take abrupt decisions at odd hours. This is what makes them truly successful in their lives. If you analyze in detail about all the great men the world has ever seen, more than half might be introverts.

Thinking Players with Innovative Choices

7. Broad Range of Views:

Speaking less and thinking more enables introverts to see things and issues from different viewpoints, often with an insight that others are not capable off. Speaking less saves a lot of time and energy for them which they can channelize to more productive works. Their viewpoint is also more inclusive in nature.

Broad Range of Views

6. Better Judge of a Situation:

Introverts turn out to be good listeners, which give them the benefit of better reasoning to analyze any given situation. Anyone who has an inherent quality of listening patiently to what others articulate is always rich in ideas and takes better control of a situation than otherwise.

Better Judge of a Situation

5. Better Acquaintance with Inner Soul:

Introverts just by keeping to themselves are self-reflective. This quality gives them the advantage of knowing themselves much better than most others. A person with reclusive touch is known to be more composed even if the circumstances around him are tricky and problematic. He knows his potential well enough and possesses sufficient power to fight against the odds.

Better Acquaintance with Inner Soul

4. Increased Efficiency Level:

An introvert, who becomes passionate in a particular area of interest to him, often does much better than others, simply because he or she is able to invest more emotional and intellectual energy into the activity. An introvert finds solace in his realm of imagination, which is a source for his relatively better performance than others.

Increased Efficiency Level

3. Introvert as a Source of New-Fangled Ideas:

Given the ability an introvert has to keep to himself and find more time to brood, think and dissect any idea or issue, many of them are capable to coming up with unorthodox perspectives that differ much from the run of the mill ideas. Most of the novel ideas are dished out by people with recluse nature; be it visionary poets or scientists.

Introvert as a Source of New-Fangled Ideas

2. No Companionship Requirement:

Outwardly, at least, appearing to be at peace with one selves, makes introverts better workers at any given job for the need for much company does not distract them. Therefore, employees of a firm with introvert attitude are more at ease working on their own without any companionship.

No Companionship Requirement

1. More Inclusive and Thought-Out Ideas:

Many may contribute towards any developing idea, but when an introvert sets out one, typically all fall in line for it is often backed by multi-viewpoints that have been considerably thought over. It’s healthier for an organization to include introverts in their scheme of things for brighter chances of coming up with inimitable and well researched ideas.

More Inclusive and Thought-Out Ideas

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