Top 10 Benefits Of Ayurveda You Were Unaware Of

10:00 am 9 Sep, 2013

Ayurveda is quite astonishing. For those who think specialization is gift of modern medicine, here is an amazing fact. Ayurveda had 8 specializations nearly 5000 years ago which were categorized as

  1. General medicine – Kaya
  2. Virology – Vrushan
  3. Psychiatry – Graha
  4. ENT or specialization of Upper body – Urdhwanga
  5. Surgery – Shalya
  6. Pediatrics – Bala
  7. Forensic Medicine – Danshtra
  8. Geriatrics – Jara
Hence, we need to stop thinking of Ayurveda as any other herbal medicine, but look at it as a whole health care system in itself. Here I make a list of 10 health benefits of Ayurveda you may not know; which will further strengthen the claim.

10. Is Ayurveda answer to cancer treatment?

Though cancer is a recent malady, the ayurvedic books carry descriptions matching the present cancer; moreover they have even mentioned cures for them.  The descriptions of maladies like Granthi (minor neoplasm) or Arbuda (major neoplasm) matches mostly the inflammatory and non-inflammatory cancers. With proper research, Ayurveda may provide answers scientists have been looking for in medical science.

Is Ayurveda answer to cancer treatment

9. Plastic Surgery:

The nose jobs sought after by celebrities is described in details in the Ayurvedic books. There is step by step instruction written to reconstruct the nose of person who may have lost it in unfortunate situation like war from the skin and muscles of his hip or thigh. It is said that surgeries were successfully preformed in ancient India. Think twice before considering Ayurveda as just herbs and concoctions.

Plastic Surgery

8. Iron Prosthetics:

The record of first functioning artificial limb in medical history is mentioned in the book of Ayurveda which must have been written between 3,500 and 1,800 B.C. When the warrior Queen Vishpla lost her leg in the battle, she was fitted with an iron leg so that she could defend her kingdom once more. A prosthetic iron leg has been discovered from the area, though there is no proof that it belonged to the queen. Ayurveda can handle any medical emergencies with proper support.

Iron Prosthetics

7. Dental care:

Forget the toothpaste commercials. Ayurveda has answer for all the oral problems like tooth decay, extreme sensitivity and gum diseases. The ayurvedic oil prepared with specific medicinal herbs is allowed to be retained in mouth for certain time. The oil is known to address all the tooth and gum problems without any invasive procedures. The problem of halitosis can be treated completely by ayurveda.

Dental care

6. Handle PMS effectively:

When the symptoms of PMS had the medical world baffled, Ayurveda had answer for it for ages. Ayurvedic medicines have known to help women deal with the extreme discomfort of PMS like serious mood swings, depression, irritability, anger and anxiety effectively through a purifying treatment known as panchkarma.

Handle PMS effectively

5. Treating skin and blood related diseases:

Though it may sound scary, the Raktamokshan or bloodletting done in Ayurveda through the use of either needles or leeches is known to be the best remedy for certain skin and blood related diseases. Many people have found success in getting rid of acnes, skin blemishes, eczema, scabies, psoriasis and other skin problems through this ayurvedic method.

Treating skin and blood related diseases

4. Mental Health:

Though modern medicine can treat mental illness, the side effects of the medicine are quite scary. Ayurveda can treat anxiety, depression, stress and other mental illness with their therapy Swedana, without any side effects. The therapy involves massage and various types of baths which relaxes both the body and mind.

Mental Health

3. Higher Consciousness:

Shirodhara is a form of therapy which involves the steady stream of medicated oil flowing from the forehead. The therapy is known to improve mental ability, calm and restore stressed out nerves and purify the mind. The scholars use this therapy to attain higher state of consciousness. Many people suffering from psychotic and neurotic disorder respond positively to this therapy.

Higher Consciousness

2. Be one with nature:

Ayurveda treats even chronic illness like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or arthritis with medicines prepared from herbs, plants, flowers, fruits leaves or other natural available products, hence there is minimal side-effects with ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda does not just treat the symptoms but treat the cause of the symptoms and also works towards prevention of diseases.

Be one with nature

1. Acceptance in scientific world:

Ayurveda has now gained global acceptance and is given place in mainstream medicine as an adjuvant therapy, because the patients are known to respond more positively to treatment if applied along with ayurvedic therapies. The ancient knowledge of sages has proven to be the best way of preventing illness, rejuvenating the body and curing diseases; moreover, it improves social, emotional and overall well-being. Ayurveda is a holistic form of medicine that treats the whole person including the body, mind and soul.

Acceptance in scientific world

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