Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

News coverage is a serious subject and requires dignified execution and sophisticated reporting for the proper dissemination of news. However, all too monotonous and mundane style of reporting could sometimes lead to dwindling of people’s interest and might backfire considerably on the popularity front of the channel. Therefore, a pinch of glamour is a requisite to multiply the channel’s popularity manifold. There are some newsreaders across the world that have carried on the mantle to provide appropriate news with a tap of glamour on their shoulder and performing their job wonderfully well. Here is a list of top 10 beautiful newsreaders who have re-defined the news reporting style. Careful, you might fall in love with them.

10. Julie Banderas:

Banderas is a correspondent with Fox News and is a married woman with a child. But she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful newsreaders of the world. Her Columbian looks (her mother is from the South American country) add layers to her beauty. Although she is 39, she has also been listed by Maxim as one of the hottest news anchors in the world.

Julie Banderas - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

9. Samina Ramzan:

A beautiful anchor, previously associated with Samna, Geo and Duniya news in Pakistan, Samina Ramzan – in spite of her dumb reporting style – is regarded as one of the most gorgeous news hosts across the world. A very beautiful lady, Samina is known for her naive looks and classy appearance that places her in a different league from others (as far as looks are concerned).

Samina Ramzan - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

8 Rudi Bakhtiar:

One of the most beautiful news anchors worldwide, Rudi Bakhtiar is the first ever Iranian-American journalist to host a prime time news program on US news channel, CNN. She is known for her good understanding of the political matters especially involving US-Iran relations. Most importantly, she holds a good fan following among males across the world who tune into CNN to steal a glimpse of this pretty news anchor.

Rudi Bakhtiar - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

7. Robin Meade:

A prominent face on the HLN’s morning show “Morning Express with Robin Meade”, Robin Michelle Meade is the leading news anchor for the program. In 2004, she was voted as the sexiest news anchor in an online survey by Playboy where she commanded around 40 percent of votes worldwide, totaling around 41,000.

Robin Meade - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

6. Nidhi Razdan:

A prominent television journalist working with NDTV 24X7, Nidhi Razdan is one of the most admired faces in electronic media. The appreciation is not only for the amount of hard work she puts in her brave and audacious news reporting but also her stunning looks. An alumnus of IIMC, Delhi, Nidhi clearly scores over all other journalists on the channel in the looks department.

Nidhi Razdan - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

5. Nida Sameer:

An illustrious news anchor of Geo News, Nida Sameer has a very captivating style of speaking. It is this very attribute of hers that forces thousands of male eyeballs in Pakistan remain glued to the TV sets. She is highly appreciated for her glamorous ways and candid news reporting style on TV.

Nida Sameer - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

4. Susanna Reid:

Stunning female presenter of BBC, Susanna Reid is famous for her well maintained figure and dazzling smile. A mother of three, Susanna Reid was also in the headlines lately for wardrobe malfunction when she wore her dress wrongly from back to front. This was branded as the sexiest dress malfunction on news channel ever that was tweeted and re-tweeted by thousands.

Susanna Reid - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

3. Melissa Theuriau:

Ravishing French journalist and news anchor, Melissa Theuriau reports for M 6. She received attention from different parts of the world when she was voted as the most beautiful face on the news channels. Her news reporting videos circulated on the internet like a jungle fire. Watching her reporting news on TV can easily make anyone fall for her.

Melissa Theuriau - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

2. Betty Nguyen:

A very famous host of “CNN Saturday Morning” and “CNN Sunday Morning”, Betty Nguyen is one of the most adorable faces in the news reporting industry across the world. It is always fun to watch news when Betty is reading out lines with a touch of smile and slight naughtiness in eyes that is enough to woo all the male watchers.

Betty Nguyen - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

1. Sonia Shenoy:

A vibrant news anchor with an appealing face, Sonia Shenoy hosts the prime time market shows like “Power Breakfast”, “Market Mid-day”, “NSE Closing Bell” and “Traders Only” on CNBC TV 18. A graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce in Finance and Economics, Sonia is surely one of the numerous reasons to watch CNBC TV18, everyday!

Sonia Shenoy - Top 10 Beautiful Newsreaders you’ll Fall in Love with

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