Top 10 Apps you should have in your Apple iPhone

2:00 pm 20 Feb, 2013

There is hardly any comparison to an Apple iPhone; it is a phone par excellence. Also, there are various apps available to spruce up your iPhone experience. With hundreds and hundreds of apps in the iPhone store, here is a look at some of the apps that you should surely have on your iPhone. In case you do not have them, check out these top 10 apps you should have in your Apple iPhone.

10. WebMD:

It is a free app which provides you with listings of medical professionals and pharmacies in the vicinity besides serving as a diagnosis app. It also provides with guidelines during emergencies and is particularly useful for parents. This is one application which the lesser you need to use the better, but still a must have. Sometimes when medical help is away or you need advice at odd hours before you could actually see a doctor, this app holds a lot of answers.


9. Dropbox:

It is the app for the most popular cloud storage system. It helps in transporting files between devices just by synching them. It is easier as it does not require attaching documents or using an external USB for transfer. It is free and helps you bring your documents, videos and photographs anywhere and share them easily.


8. Due:

If you have deadlines to meet and need to be reminded for that, than ‘Due’ is the app for you. With life getting busier by the day, there is so much to do and so much to keep a track on. ‘Due’ is a wonderful app that would remind you when you need to take those daily medicines or when that important dentist appointment is. This is especially useful for appointments and tasks that occur periodically.


7. Any game app:

You cannot own an Apple iPhone and not install some of the amazing games available on its platform. Whether you are a serious gamer or just a casual one, there are lots to choose from in the App Store. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Tiny Wings, Plants vs Zombies, Infinity Blade and more; there is hardly any game which is not available for the iPhone user. Some of the games have such graphics fitted to rival the quality of those on PlayStation 3.

Any game app

6. Twitter App:

Of course, it is the generation of Twitter. It is a platform to voice our opinions and read those of important personalities. So, Twitter app is again a must have. There are many apps for Twitter available and all equally good. However, the official app by Twitter itself could be the way to go. It helps you follow your friends, experts, favorite personalities, and breaking news on the go.


5. WhatsApp:

Why should you pay for messaging separately when you can use ‘WhatsApp’? Most of the phones today are ‘WhatsApp’ compatible and hence you could stay in touch with friends using this utility. All you need to do is install it in your iPhone and invite a contact. After that you could always be in touch as long as your device is activated on the network.


4. Flipboard:

If you are high on social networking then this is the app for you. All the updates from you various social network accounts are available on ‘Flipboard’ thus you do not need to individually go to each site to check the same. It has infact also been named as among the greatest social innovations of all times in terms of Apple iPhone apps.


3. Find my iPhone:

What would you do if your iPhone is stolen or lost? With ‘Find my iPhone’ properly installed, you could locate it physically on a map to find where exactly it is. That’s why it is imperative to have this free app installed on your device. In cases where you might have misplaced the phone in the room, you could login to iCloud website from a computer or Internet connected device and make your iPhone play a loud sound.

Find my Apple iPhone

2. Facebook:

Well, there is hardly the chance that a person, who uses an Apple iPhone, isn’t active on the prime social networking site of Facebook. With over 995 million active users, it goes without saying how important the Facebook app is for your iPhone. You could share messages and information with your family no matter where you are. Instead of typing the URL on a browser, have the app installed is quite handy and useful to stay connected at all times with friends and family.


1. Evernote:

It is one of the best Apple iPhone apps and a must have. It stores notes, video clips and recordings in a manner that helps you sort and find stuff in your iPhone. The use of this app depends on an individual on what one wishes to store and how he decides to use it. It is a free app and is basically your personal synchronizer for anything you wish to store on the phone. It is helpful as with it in your iPhone, it is easier to remember things to do provided it is stored in ‘Evernote’.


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