Top 10 Ailments You Can Get Rid Of at Home

8:15 am 5 Apr, 2013

There’s an old and very popular adage: “Prevention is better than cure.” Sounds familiar? Why can’t we mould our body so that we don’t have to rush to the doctor for those silly opinions even in cough or cold? But, the reality is that we can’t take enough precautions to free our body of all maladies. However, instead of running to the doctor for every minor health or hygiene issues, we should start appreciating home treatment. Of course, it will also save a lot of money. Different studies have shown that stress and negative emotions can trigger a physical reaction which can slow down our body’s ability to heal. On the flip side, positive thought can help us recover fast, whether it’s a sprained ankle, arthritis or cancer. There’s no rigorous task to do; we just have to be aware of certain things and cram those grandma’s remedies. Here are our top 10 ailments you can get rid off at home.


10. Muscular Pain:

Wrapping hot towels or ice-tabbing is good idea to minimize muscular pain. Putting cherry juices on the sprained area is also helpful for the muscles to recover more quickly after a tough strength-training session as there are anti-inflammatory chemicals present in cherries.

Muscular Pain - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

9. Ankle sprains:

You may combine two teaspoons of salt for every pint of warm water and soak your ankle in it. It will soothe down the sore part and you will feel quite relaxed, too. You will also feel rejuvenated after this simple treatment that almost costs nothing.

Ankle sprains - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

8. Body odor:

You can kill that fetid body odor without using any of those high-priced Deodorants. What you need to do is put apple mixed with vinegar on a washcloth and rub it on your armpit to kill off those stinking body odor. No more odors, it’s gone!

Body odor - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

7. Minor burns:

Only certified medical practitioners can treat major burns but the minor ones can be treated at home. You may wrap the burned part in a dry cloth and leave as it is. If the burnt part of your body pains, it needs instant pain relief. Combine 10 drops of peppermint essential oil with 1/8 cup honey and rub it on the burned area. You’ll feel much better.

Minor burns - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

6. Sore throat:

Your throat has gone hoarse and you want a homemade remedy. Take a glass of lukewarm water, put one teaspoon of salt and gargle a couple times a day. You’ll feel your voice getting back to normal. No off-the-shelf mouthwash or any other similar product can guarantee you as much relief as this homemade remedy.

Sore throat - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

5. Dandruff:

Of course, there are shampoos of all kinds to treat dandruff but they all have chemical components which can destroy your hair forever. Warm a few ounces of olive oil on the stove. Then, wet your hair and massage this oil gently onto your scalp with a cotton ball or brush. Leave the oil on for 30 minutes before washing it out with a mild dandruff shampoo, not the extra strong ones. You may apply sour curd mixed with lemon juices, and leave for ten minutes on the dandruff areas.

Dandruff - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

4. Cough:

You can chew 3-4 pre-cooked garlic cloves at the first sign of cough. You may fry some scrubbed ginger, mix it up with cane sugar and make tiny balls; put one ball in your mouth and enjoy as chewing-gum. Garlic inhibits cough-causing viruses in the respiratory tract and helps fight off the cold. If you hate garlic or do not consume it for other reasons then take some Tulsi leaves and chew on them; they’ll relax your throat.

Cough - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

3. Stress:

You may chew some cloves or you can drink a huge mug of black tea. If this didn’t work, you can even try opting for a glass of lemonade. Otherwise massage Bhrigraaj oil on your scalp. Your headache will vanish in a matter of minutes.

Stress - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

2. Indigestion:

Take a glass of warm water, drop some mint leaves and drink. Even if the problem persists, you may take a spoonful of Azwain, mix it up with a pinch of salt and drink it with lukewarm water. It will definitely ease your belly. You can also squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it with a pinch of rock salt. You should also include khichdi and a glass of lassi in your diet, till you are back to normal.

Indigestion - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

1. Skin infection:

For simple skin infections like acne or pimples (if they are not at a severe stage), you can make a thick paste of sandalwood powder mixed with turmeric, and toss it up with some rosewater. Now, apply the paste on the affected area. The process has to be repeated several times. You will notice that your acne and pimples will fade away usually without leaving a mark.

Skin infection - Ailments You Can Get Rid Off at Home

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