Top 10 Adventures You Don’t Hear About

8:09 am 4 Oct, 2013

Adventure travelling is a big business around the world as millions of people try to get an adrenalin rush by doing something extreme. Usually people will try sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rafting, skiing, hiking etc. at one of the popular destinations. But these destinations can be crowded and uninspiring once they get truly popular. That’s why people are always trying to find new destinations that are not spoilt by excessive tourism yet. And every year new adventure destinations crop up around the world, either because of initiatives by the local government or as part of a tour operated by a visionary travel agency. Here are the top 10 adventures you don’t hear about.

10. Hiking in Kenya:

If you like hiking long distances and wildlife safari then you can combine the two in Kenya in a 100 mile long 11 day trek that follows the Tsavo and Galana rivers. There are no roads and you walk along trails created by hippos and elephants along the river. You stay at camps overnight and then walk ahead the next day exploring the jungle as you go.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

9. Snorkeling in Indonesia:

The Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia is a great place for snorkeling. There are more than 1300 species of fish, 6 species of sea turtles out of the total 7 species that are found in the world and 450 species of coral. This archipelago has been called the “Amazon of the Seas” because of the bio diversity available here.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

8. Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua:

Nicaragua was off limits for tourists for a long time but over the last few years it has been attracting many surfers and kayakers to its pristine beaches and hikers to its volcanoes. Now you can do black sand surfing down the Cerro Negro volcano as part of a mountain climbing tour. This is truly a unique opportunity for adventure in Central America.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

7. Cycling in Albania:

Albania is a unique country that has cities that are getting developed but also has villages that haven’t changed much over the past centuries. With its economy growing and better roads being laid around the country, cycling has become a popular adventure in the country. You can join long tours operated by companies or just take a bike on rent and make your own itinerary.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About


6. Cycling and Rafting in Bhutan:

Bhutan is an up and coming tourist destination in the Indian sub continent. With most tourists visiting India and Nepal, Bhutan offers an untouched destination for tourists. You can do cycling trips through the country and already there is an annual Tour of the Dragon cycling race held in the country. There are also great whitewater rafting opportunities.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

5. Live Like a Nomad in Mongolia:

Mongolia is famous for its endless green steppe plains. Tourists have explored this area on horse back but lack of facilities had limited the number of tourists that visited the place. But now better facilities are emerging and tours are available that let you experience the nomadic lifestyle by travelling on horse back, meeting real nomadic families and staying overnight in traditional Gers.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

4. Meet the Gorillas in Uganda:

Uganda is famous for its mountain gorilla population and other primates such as chimpanzees. There are many species of birds to sight and being a major migration corridor you can also see most of the plains game here. Now tours are operated where you track the primates along with biologists and help in their conservation and study while exploring the wildlife.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

3. Trekking in Jordan:

Jordan has attracted tourists mainly to the ancient city of Petra but now adventure tourists can go on trekking and hiking tours on a trail known as the Abraham’s trail and meet the indigenous people. Cycling tours are also being arranged across the arid desert terrain.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

2. Desert Safari in Namibia:

In Namibia you can experience a place that is very similar to the lunar landscape. You can also walk across sand dunes that have never been walked on. There are no marked trails and the desert is pristine and natural. Walking safaris, sand skiing and sand boarding is being developed in the region to attract adventure tourists.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

1. Cycling the Land of Temples in Myanmar:

Myanmar has just started to embrace democracy and open up its borders to foreign tourists. The interest in the place is immense especially for the 2000+ temples that are present in the country. Many tour operators are starting pagoda to pagoda cycling trips where you visit the temples and explore the country on cycle.

Top 10 Adventures You Don't Hear About

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