Top 10 Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

11:12 am 27 May, 2013

Anyone who has ever visited a boys’ hostel in India will find faces of adorable poster girls adorning the walls. The synonyms of the word adorable are affectionate, delightful and charming. We cannot say that all beautiful women are adorable but, yes, we can say that all adorable women are beautiful. Beauty is just an addition to them and being delightful and affectionate comes to them naturally and effortlessly. It is all depicted with the way they behave and carry themselves. These adorable women take a form of posters in a boy’s hostels as their dream girl. Here is the list of top 10 adorable poster girls in boys’ hostels in India.

10. Rekha:

She once reigned as the Queen of Indian Cinema who gave Bollywood some incredible movies. Her ageless beauty kept her always on the hot list of actresses. A multi-dimensional and multi-talented actress, Rekha gave outstanding performances and mesmerized audience with her stunning roles. Be it fresh and cute in ‘Khobsoorat’ or a passionate lover in ‘Umrao Jaan’, she has done it all. This is why it is no surprise that she is one of the most adorable poster girls for many boys.

Rekha - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

9. Waheeda Rehman:

Do you remember “Piya tose naina lagefrom the film ‘Guide’? Yes, one of the most prominent actresses of the golden era, posters of a young Waheeda Rehman still adorn the walls of boys hostels. Her simplicity, beauty, clearness and modesty got her lead roles in early 70s. Her audience always remember her as an extremely adorable and captivating actress of all time.

Waheeda Rehman - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

8. Hema Malini:

Hema Malini is the official “Dream Girl” of Bollywood and established herself as a notable classical dancer and a leading actress of Indian cinema during the 70s. She is poetic, intuitive and expressive with the dance and acting styles she delineates. Hema Malini is truly a picture of poise and beauty and has proved that age has nothing to do with beauty. She is a woman of total love; with her innocent and adorable way she always pulled the audiences.

Hema Malini - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

7. Sridevi:

Sridevi dazzled the theatre with her comeback movie ‘English Vinglish’. The soft appearance and wide angelic eyes expresses her peculiarity. Her flawless acting not only earned her appraisals but overshadowed most female Bollywood stars. She is one of the most influential actresses because she exemplifies emotions that are always memorable. Don’t be surprised if you see a poster of hers from ‘Chalbaaz’ looking at you from a wall in a boys’ hostel.

Sridevi - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

6. Kajol:

With lots of dedication and transparency in approach, Kajol had subsequently earned wide public recognition for playing leading roles in several blockbuster family dramas. Attractive eyes and strong acting helped Kajol rule millions of hearts. She is one of the few modern day Bollywood legends and is also considered as one of the most iconic beauties of Hindi cinema. The energy she has speaks of her presence wherever she goes and whatever style of acting she chooses. It is her association with Shah Rukh Khan that immortalized the two as messengers of love.

Kajol - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

5. Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena is one of the hottest actresses of Bollywood and has huge fan following, too. It increased further after her marriage with Saif Ali Khan. She makes sure that she is the only girl who can spell bind her viewers with her beauty and amazing acting skills. The diverse roles she has portrayed range from charming to serious. Be it ‘Jab We Met’ or ‘Heroine’, she has everything which makes her adorable and at the same time a passionate actress.

Kareena Kapoor - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

4. Madhuri Dixit:

In a list of adorable poster girls, the name of Madhuri Dixit has to figure. The Dhak Dhak girl is the heartthrob of all the guys even today. Her acting ability, beauty, versatility and popularity stole the heart of millions of fans all around the world in her prime. Her charming eyes, enticing smile and incredible dancing skills keeps on entertaining all her fans. M.F. Hussain has been so fascinated with her beauty that he watched ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’ a record 67 times and in 2007 he booked an entire theatre to see her comeback movie ‘Aaja Nachle’.

Madhuri Dixit - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

3. Katrina Kaif:

This British Indian actress and former model has appeared in many Indian movies. She has received some positive reviews for her acting skills and has established herself as a successful actress. She is truly one of the most an adorable Indian poster girls with mesmerising eyes and British looks. She has also amazed and captivated audiences with her unblemished beauty and a beautiful smile.

Katrina Kaif - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

2. Deepika Padukone:

Deepika is an actress but born to Badminton player Prakash Padukone. She is naturally emotional and magnetic along with clarity and enthusiasm. Her disarmed dimpled smile and svelte beauty has it all to attract her audiences. The warmth she shares is appreciated always and for her it is a bigger compliment.

Deepika Padukone - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

1. Madhubala:

Of all the most adorable poster girls listed here, the one that stands out is that of Madhubala. There are only certain posters looking at which we fall in love with. Pick any poster of Madhubala and you won’t be able to resist admiring her timeless beauty. She is the most gorgeous actresses to have graced Indian cinema. Madhubala’s charm works on everyone irrespective of age.

Madhubala - Adorable Poster Girls in Boy’s Hostels in India

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