Top 10 actors of Hollywood

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7:45 pm 30 Mar, 2010

TopYaps brings you a list of top 10 actors of Hollywood. Go through this list to find the ten most dashing and adored actors of Hollywood. They are truly the heart of cinematic world.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio:

Sweetheart of Titanic, this sizzling actor stormed the Hollywood firmament by his knockout performance. One of the most red-hot actor between girls, he has only one message to convey his crazy fans – “Catch Me If You Can.

Top 10 actors of hollywood

9. Russell Crowe:

Known as Rusty between his friends, this man of “A Beautiful Mind” reminds you that the role of chance, lottery of life and strength of purpose commute you to a perfect man. Proclaimed as a magnetic substance for woman, this high school dropout is an immense source of inspiration among teenagers.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

8. Brad Pitt:

Dropped his study of journalism to become an actor, Brad Pitt is a romantic daddy of six children and a person with romance behind the scene in public eye. His characters in unlike appearances makes him so appealing. Raunchy, formal, rough, rockstar or say anything; his traits simply make him sexy for any reason.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

7. Johnny Depp:

There are only four questions of value in life..what is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: Only love. Owner of an island in the Bahamas, Johnny has traveled bizarre paths to show himself in the glam world as a real-life hero.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

6. Harrison Ford:

Occupant of a pilot license, this grand daddy of all current cinematic superstars is a decent person with high moral values. This space pilot from the Star Wars is known for his lead role in everlasting and commemorative blockbuster movies.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

5. Tom Hanks:

Raised up in a nomadic and spoiled childhood, Tom Hanks established his position as an actor of critical hits in contemporary cinema. Starting his career from an ominous “Bosom Buddies”, he later became a winner of back-to-back awards.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

4. Jack Nicholson:

Bit complex to describe his specialization as he is a versatile performer of acting, screenwriting and directing. Troublemaker in the school time, Jack Nicholsan started his career in Hollywood as a office boy at MGM. However, he is fond of bonding with Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses but he is considered a person with deep ingrained critical attitude.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

3. Robert De Nero:

Here comes the Godfather and one of the most iconic actors of Hollywood. Son of an Italian father and Irish mother, he is know for promoting the legendary methods of acting. Intentionally personal and colored by emotions, his fans are crazy about his not-quite-socially-adjusted character.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

2. Marlon Brando:

Reclusive, activist or genius; we are confused to describe here this actor in one word. Sexy hunk of manhood in his time, Marlon Brando is known for his refusal to play by the rules of Hollywood trend as well as for popularizing method acting. Such type of enigmas of screen appears rarely.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

1. Al Pacino:

Here we go! A face with glistering coal-black eyes and a common poster of bedroom wall, Al Pacino is the tycoon and one of the most enduring and popular bachelors of Hollywood. Pacino’s powerful monologues and tremendous acting skill has labelled him as the best actor in the Republic of Hollywood.

Top 10 actors of Hollywood

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