Sexist Alert: Girls, It’s Really Okay If You Never Get To Date Tiger Shroff

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4:03 pm 27 Apr, 2016

He was the hot new property with the six pack abs and innocent looks ever since his trailer of ‘Baaghi’ released.


He was the hope of new-age, hot, but more importantly nice, guys.


But alas, dreams don’t last forever Cinderella!


Jackie’s son has proved what a misogynist he is.

In a recent interview for the promotion of his upcoming rebellious romantic flick, ‘Baaghi’, Tiger Shroff has expressed all the wonderful things he expects his future wife to do.

I will get married to a girl from the village.

When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed.

She should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food. I like girls who are the housewife-type.


Belonging to a progressive family of Bollywood (that extended their support to daughter Krishna when she was bashed for posting bold Instagram pictures) and being a part of this breed of 21st century stars, it’s disheartening to see Tiger Shroff unabashedly posting such sexist views.


While marriage, and the ”type-of-girl” you seek, are personal opinions, confessing your misogynistic ideas in a public interview doesn’t leave it personal any more.

And while your idea in itself is proof that Indian men still see women as servers and providers, you should brush your demands a bit — for this regressive thinking is the only thing pushing women deeper into the pits of patriarchy.

And it just keeps me thinking, what really is the difference between an educated, Bollywood star whom people idolize and an uneducated man who beats up his poor wife in a muddy house for the lack of hot, perfectly made rotis.

Thank you, Tiger, for giving us a humble reminder on how much work we really need to do on Indian men.


Maybe, you still believe, ”Women were made to cook me food, massage my tired shoulders and sweep my dirty floors ”.

Jackie and Ayesha Shroff, what do you have to say to this?



However, Tiger has denied any such allegations when TOI questioned him.

“This is ridiculous; please don’t believe everything you read.”

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