Goat Bullies Siberian Tiger Out Of His Den And Also Forces Him To Become Friend

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8:12 pm 28 Nov, 2015

In a bizarre chain of events, a goat that was meant to be a Siberian tiger’s food became his good friend after he shocked the 500 pound tiger with his bravery.


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The Tiger named Amur is a resident of Far Eastern Safari Park in the Shkotovsky region, Russia. Twice a week, just like other tigers in the Park, he is fed a live prey.

Earlier this week the goat, who has now been named Timur, was put into Amur’s enclosure for him to feed upon, but what followed surprised everyone.

Instead of being scared of Amur and becoming his dinner, the feisty goat took charge and flashed his horns and retaliated every time the tiger attacked him.


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According to the park’s director Dimitry Mezentsev this “confused” Amur as he was not used to such a retaliation from his preys, and thus decided not to “mess with the goat”.


The director reminded that Amur has killed many goats, including large ones, in the past and this is the first time that they witnessed him doing this.

To make matters worse for Amur, Timur has not only chased him all around the enclosure, he has also shooed him away from his usual sleeping spot.

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The tiger’s den has since been occupied by the goat, who sleeps inside the enclosure. Amur has been forced to sleep on the shelter’s roof.


The two also appear to have developed a close friendship to the point that Timur follows the Amur everywhere, and even worries when the tiger disappears from sight and starts looking.




The goat — who was just a nameless prey till he entered the cage was named Timur by the park authorities out of respect his bravery.

Here is one of the videos of the two of them together at Safari Park:


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