This Three-Year-Old Thumb Got Amputated Due To Negligence Of Day Care Owners

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5:43 pm 10 May, 2016

A three-year-old Myra’s tip of the thumb was amputated due to negligence of Cherun angels day care owner and the staff in Gurgaon.

Mother of Myra, Shivani P Sharma, posted about the incident on Facebook which has been shared more than 1o,000 times.

She wrote that on 28 April 2016, she got an emergency call from the day care centre. Later, she came to know that her daughter’s top half part of the thumb has been crushed and cut apart.

She was told that another kid Kartik pushed door close and her finger came inside.


Myra had to go through surgery. The day care owners, though earlier apologized and said that they will bear the cost of the treatment, later even didn’t pick up Sharma’s calls.

Also, they threatened her and told Sharma that it was an accident and it can happen with anyone.

A FIR has been registered against them.


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