Modi Govt To Launch Three Health Care Schemes On Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Birthday

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3:28 pm 24 Dec, 2015

On the occasion of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s 91st birthday, the health ministry is set to launch three schemes which would be focused on three major health issues in India.

The three schemes – driven by information technology initiatives – would be focused on maternal care, tuberculosis treatment and tobacco control measures.

The first scheme (Kilkari) is focused on maternal care and works towards reaching out to pregnant women and providing them with health tips as well as alerts on routine check ups and treatments.

Nine Months Pregnancy

Nine Months Pregnancy Representational Image 

The initiative would keep a special focus on rural areas and offer expecting mothers tips on nutritional diet and supplements. In total, 72 audio messages will be sent to pregnant women through phone.

The Kilkari programme has already had a pilot run in Bihar and looking at its initial success the ministry would now extend it to six more states.

The second scheme would focus on tobacco control measures. Under this, any person who consumes any kind of tobacco product and wants to quit, can get themselves registered in it by giving a missed call to the government provided number.


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Once the person registers, a healthcare worker will get in touch with them to guide and help them.

Explaining, why the ministry took this initiative up, an official said:

“There are many people who want to quit tobacco use but are unable to do so for some reason. Our attempt to identify such people and provide them with medical options to address the problem. Through this programme, the government will also assist such people to address any health related problems they have which is related to tobacco consumption.”

The final scheme focuses on tuberculosis detection programme, helping suspected TB patients with proper diagnosis. If the TB is confirmed, then the scheme will help them locate the nearest treatment centre for further treatments.

On December 25 last year, the health ministry had also launched an awareness campaign called Mission Indradhanush. Under this initiative, more than 75.5 lakh children were vaccinated and about 20 lakh children were fully vaccinated.

The occasion was also declared to be “Good Governance Day” last year.

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