20 Thoughts Every Girl Has The First Time She Has Sex

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12:00 pm 24 Feb, 2016

The first make out session is a big deal! It’s the first time someone else from the opposite sex is going to see you naked, and even then there is no guarantee, the experience will be gratifying or awkward, or both.

First timers can have all kinds of thoughts rattling through their head, some of which are listed below


1. So, finally it’s going to happen. I am so excited…and nervous!

Relax and get a hold on yourself.


2. OK, first things first…time to strip down.

Wait…is there a sexy way to take off clothes?


3. Do I look good? All naked!

I wish the lights were off… But then how’d I check him out?


4. Isn’t it weird being naked with someone in bed?

I wonder how people can get used to it.


5. Oh wow… he’s touching me…his hands feel great all over my body.

Man, he sure knows his way around my curves.


6. What amount of foreplay is really required?


7. Oh, he’s going down on me. I can’t relax.

I just can’t relax.


8. He’s flipping me around. Oh…I can feel his thing.

Rock hard.


9. Is it big? Or is it not?

Is it possible for it to be that big?


10. OK. That thing can’t fit in here.

I am saying…It just can’t.


11. He is putting on the condom now.

Should I help him put the condom on?

Great! He has it on…phew.


12. Oh God. He is getting ready to enter. Here it comes.

No, no, no, yes… oh no, no… no… no…What do I do?


13. Will I reach the Big Oooooooooooo?


14. Will it hurt? Will I bleed?

Okay. Now I am going nuts. Breathe!


15. Okay enough with this suspense.

Can we just get it over and done with?


16. There you go… yeah… yeah… yeah…

Oh god! Oh god! It f**king hurts.


17. Will it be rude if I put my clothes back on?

Or should I stay just like this?


18. I think I won’t be able to walk properly for a couple of days.


19. Let me check my skin. Is it glowing? It should.


20. Will everybody be able to guess that I did it?




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