16 Freakish Thoughts That Cross Every Student’s Mind For Days And Nights Before Board Results

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7:00 pm 22 May, 2015

The most awaited season of the year is here again, and it’s not climatic, it is a heat wave that hits students only. Yes, it’s the season for board exam results. Where the ICSE results have just been declared, CBSE board results are awaited by May end.

And as the temperature of our hearts soars higher in anticipation for our fate, here’s a list of thoughts that we’re sure are crossing the mind of every student awaiting their results.

1. They asked question I didn’t know, so I wrote answer they won’t get.


2. Did you know the most powerful three words in a student’s life?


3. 2 trees make 17 pages, and we are required to fill 30 sheets.

This is the right time to wake up!


4. After my results are declared I might be chosen to play the lead role in movies like.

Thankfully, there is a chance at something.


5. My teacher is really pretty, and her class will always stay close to my heart.

So even if that means repeating class, what’s the harm?


6. It’s time to get ready WARRIOR! There’s a lot of mopping and sweeping to be done.


7. You know, why I even wrote the paper?

All because of my Indian values, which taught me that.


8. If I don’t get good marks, maybe I should take up poetry?

What say?


9. I really know that I can pull it the next time.


10. Where were you Ohh Google, when I was writing my exams? You’re supposed to know everything and help a friend in need, no?


11. And the one thought you cannot give up – Why are exams are not like love?


12. Tossing in bed every night, the morning only seems like a dark dungeon.

Will I get past it?


13. Why do I have super intelligent friends?

They get good marks and then advice us (which is you know, is not needed)


14. And many of us think it’s the right time to become religious and God loving.


15. When all else fails, there are momentary revolutionary thoughts for help.


16. Brace yourself my friends.



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