This Man-Dog Romantic Bonding Looks Better Than The Original Scenes From Iconic Movies

8:00 pm 3 Apr, 2014

What do you get when you combine a Man, a Dog and their common passion for movies? A hilarious set of photos! One user of Reddit, ‘mmsspp’, recreated some famous movie scenes with the dog of his boss. I guess, someone really doesn’t has enough to invest at work. His boss brings her dog, Wrigley, everyday to work; this man found an opportunity to use the dog to re-enact romantic scenes from iconic movies. He started from one picture and then went for more photo-sessions for the seduction scene from The Graduate, upside-down kissing scene from Spider-Man and the like. I am glad to see his classic work; hope you, too.

1. The Notebook

cute picture

2. Spiderman

furry four-legged creature

3. Titanic

Jack was pulling Rose's ears

4. The Hunger Games

puppy chow games

5. Top Gun

almost scarily identical

6.  Brokeback Mountain

brokeback mountain

7. Sixteen Candles

Dog in pink

8. Dirty Dancing

Iconic Lift

9. Graduate

Paw is little less sexy

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