This Is Why BrahMos is Bad News For India’s Enemies

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10:48 am 11 Nov, 2015

BrahMos is one of the deadliest weapons in service with the Indian Armed Forces. With its unmatched levels of speed and precision, the BrahMos missile gives India a formidable level of strike capability within the enemy’s territory. Here’s what makes it a fearsome weapon:

It can be launched from anywhere be it submarines, ships, aircraft or land.


Representational image that shows BrahMos’ strike range


The BrahMos travels at a speed of 3600 km per hour – literally faster than a bullet.



In tests, the BrahMos has often cut warships in half and has reduced ground targets to pieces.


Representational image

The Sukhoi-BrahMos combination means the missile can hit deep within China with targets as far as 3300 km.

The BrahMos is a concern to the Pakistani Navy, which lacks adequate area air defenses. Even for the Chinese Navy, the BrahMos is formidable.



BrahMos can effectively engage targets from an altitude as low as 10 meters (30 feet).



Aptly called the brahmastra in warfare – the BrahMos is equipped with stealth technology designed to make it less visible to radar and other detection methods.

Currently under development, BrahMos-II is expected to have a range of 290 kilometres and a speed of Mach 7.


BrahMos-NG will have lesser RCS (radar cross section) compared to its predecessor, making it harder for air defense systems to locate and engage the target.


BrahMos Corp CEO A. Sivathanu Pillai writes in his fascinating book ‘The Path Unexplored’ that it was after seeing the Tomahawk’s success that India decided to acquire a precision attack cruise missile.

It was in 1995 when India’s ‘missile man’ Dr APJ Abdul Kalam asked Pillai, then the programme director of IGMDP, to take charge as the CEO of an India-Russia joint venture (JV) that would develop a brand new cruise missile. Pillai says Russia was chosen because of the “deep rooted relationship” with the country in space research.

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