This Brutally Honest Illustration About Our Lives Before 30s And After 30s Will Make You Go ROFL

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6:32 pm 30 Oct, 2016

We all like to believe we’ll remain same as we are in our young age. Sadly, we all change and it’s funny how we once disliked like sleeping early, suddenly becomes our favorite thing. Not just our physical appearance, our outlook towards various things like health, family, recreational activities all change.

Depicting this very difference how people change, here’s a very truthful and funny illustration.

The meaning of word ‘late’ changes drastically in just a decade.



Before your 30s, you spend lot of time and make efforts , send all those lovely texts to your special one. But, after your 30s, it all comes down to grocery.



You see couples in whole different light after you are in your 30s.



The good news: You realize it’s better to have trust-able and honest friends than having numerous number of friends in your life.



And, what else? You stop caring about how others perceive you.



After your 30s, by 10pm , you will be getting ready to sleep.



However, you wish you can eat to your heart desire and don’t get fat. But, that doesn’t happen.


Travelling becomes about relaxation and affording some luxurious hotels/places which couldn’t before. Thanks to increased income!



Credit: Bright Side

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