This Australian Underground Town Will Remind You Of Luke Skywalker’s Planet Tatooine

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7:00 am 14 Jul, 2014

This is Coober Pedy, a town in the remote South Australian desert, where temperatures can reach upto 125 °F/51 °C – in the shade. But Coober Pedy is rich in opal – so rich that it is known as the “opal capital of the world”. Evidently there will be people mining for the precious gem and they must live there, too. Being a mining town of around 2,000 people and unbearably hot on the surface, the only viable alternative for the people was going underground. So, the town went underground and has now an entire community living in rooms carved out of rock underneath the desert. In doing so, they appear to have provided a solution to a housing problem that will surely arise in the future. Besides, it resembles a lot like Tatooine. Maybe, George Lucas can make this a location.


Credit: cwazyshady via YouTube.

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