This Actress Was Fooled By An AutoWallah Who Perhaps Gave Her The Most Bogus 100 Rupee Note

Counterfeiting is almost as old as money itself. Production of fake notes exists at the very root of our political system. With forgery happening in open, a lot of people unknowingly become victims of it.

One unfortunate incident happened with the actress Megha Chakraborty who was handed a fake 100 Rupee note by an autowallah. The note was actually a coupon, not even worthy of being called a note.

Out of fury, the actress shared its photo on her facebook page:

As one inspects the note further, one can find out that this note had so many clear flaws.

Firstly, let me introduce you to a new national bank i.e ‘Children Bank Of India’.



Secondly, it is a coupon printed in a note form.



Thirdly, our governor is kind of international and famous. Wait for it……he is Santa Claus!



Lastly, it ends with a promise – ‘I promise to play with the coupon hundred.’ 

Autowallah was such a player!



Poor luck, girl! 

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