This 5-Year-Old Kid Playing With Under 14 Team Will Make You Miss Dravid And Tendulkar

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11:54 am 24 Nov, 2016

It does not happen often that we come across such miracles. This video of 5 year-old Rudra Pratap is going viral and it’s because of all the right reasons. At such tender stage Rudra has learned to deliver and play such master strokes. His unbeatable confidence on the field will make you believe that he is definitely the rising star of Indian cricket!


The video is two years old and at that time Rudra was just five, when he played with the under-14 team. It’s unbelievable to see him playing with the cricketing gear that barely fits him. His cricketing skills will make you his fan.Check out Rudra Pratap’s amazing video.


Isn’t he amazing?


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