This 13-Year-Old Girl, Who Lives In Slum, Has Never Experienced Freedom

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7:40 pm 15 Aug, 2016

As everybody in the nation celebrates 70th Independence Day, Manisha, a 13-year-old, hasn’t tasted the freedom.

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Living in a slum in Gurgaon, Manisha has studied till class 6th but, had to drop out from the school.

“My parents don’t allow me to study. They don’t like it. I really like to study. I developed interest in it. Another reason is the government’s demolition drive due to which we have to change our place of stay many a times,” she told TYNews.

Though she is taking stitching classes now, she doesn’t have any hope for her future.

“We are Lohar caste. In our community, women are not allowed to work. Many girls had the option but they were forced to stay home. I want to work but I lost hope after seeing all that,” Manisha said.

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When asked what does freedom means to her, she said she has never experienced one.

“I don’t know what it is. I have to think on this,” she said.


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